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In this project you will demonstrate the skills that you have mastered in cloud native application development. You will apply your new knowledge to a real-life challenge and use your expertise to develop a successful solution. The project provides you with an opportunity to solidify your full stack proficiency. As you design a dynamic user experience, you will work with GitHub actions to build, test, and deploy your application. You will develop frontend pages, add user administration, build actions for database operations, create backend services, make connections with cloud native APIs, and launch CI/CD pipelines. You will boost your capabilities with cloud native services, JavaScript, Django, JSON, IBM Cloud Foundry, Python, and Kubernetes. Then you will devise a solution for managing the containerized deployment of your application. When you complete this project, you will have a working cloud native application showpiece that will impress potential employers....

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Sep 22, 2021

I gave one star as the content of the 9 modules are quite interesting and the final assessment/exam of each of the nine courses are feasible with the instructions. However, the final capstone project required for the final certificate is not at all feasible: Instructions are rudimentary and poor, instructors are not or days later responding to questions. I understand that a final project is supposed to be challenging, and that's fine, but the instruction provided by the courses beforehand is far from sufficient for that.

By Lizhiyuan L

Jul 16, 2021

Terrible lab instructions, many of them are wrong and needed a lot of time to debug and find solutions. Instructors are not helping at all even if your posted questions are 1 month of age. Would give negative rating if I can. Some of the lab environments are broken and never get fixed.

By Marco N

Nov 28, 2021

Overall, I liked this capstone project. It was really flexible with practically limitless outcomes of how each student can approach each requirement. Some of the requirements need to be elaborated. For example, I didn't understand what some models were used for until the next section, then had to go back and edit them for the next section after I realized what they were for. I also think the Docker and Kubernetes section could use more work as it was not required for the final grading. This topic was one of the larger sections covered in this certification. The Docker and Kubernetes part was mostly just copy and pasting, and I didn't really feel like I grasped enough of this topic because of that.

By Armin F

Jan 19, 2022

The instructions were a mess. If I were to receive such a specification from a customer, there would first be a need for clarification.

By Charles D

Jun 3, 2022

The video materials are thorough and great. But the Thiea sandbox labs and capstone provide horrible instructions. The instructions are 99% implicit, and are assuming you know exactly what they are talking about all the way through. They completely skip over crucial components, and leave you to Google searching for hours to figure out one portion not mentioned. It'll tell you maybe 1 instruction, and skips the next 5 instructions of how to get to the next part. I am someone with more than advanced knowledge in 15 programming languages.. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for people with no basis going in. Let me be clear, the difficulty in the labs are not the technical part. But how the instructions are provided in such a horrible way. To think i've spent about a month and a half going through the exams and lectures combined. But have easily spent 8 months trying to finish the labs because of their poor instructions and having to go through them aimlessly. If i knew this course was going to cost me over $400 and be so difficult on the labs I probably wouldn't have signed up for it knowing.

By Ali O Ü

Jul 16, 2022

The course was awesome. I was never bored while doing the project.

By Oussama L

Nov 19, 2022

Because I'm still learning django and bootstrap

By Richard W

Jun 25, 2021

The final selling point that made me sign-up and for this course was that it included Django development. Approximately half the content was a gentle refresher to me, no harm done. When in any doubt about learning, I figured there is nothing to lose, yet always something to gain. I thought the coverage of content was on-point, as the title suggests the full-stack experience. I liked that final projects are peer-reviewed by real fellow students, which adds a touch of credibility. The course exercises and lab environments were hit and miss, reverting to working locally in some cases. And the quality and inconsistency in the task instructions were sometimes frustrating. With that said, it's was reflective of the real world in that reading documentation, searching Stack Overflow, and trial and error is something you need to do well. The course is sponsored and provided by IBM, so fair to say it's IBM Cloud-centric. This was, however, was an insight coming with AWS, GCP and Azure experience. It was good to use another cloud provider. Any doubts throughout the nine courses leading up to the final capstone project? Sure. But it felt worth the while in the end. The final project seemed significantly challenging yet ultimately a satisfying achievement.

By Markey S

Aug 5, 2022

IBM Cloud and Theia Labs are error prone; Instructors are fantastic. Helpful, courteous, professional, knowledgable.

By Wander F J

Sep 7, 2022

Confusing instructions, IBM Cloud interface is different (IBM Cloud Foundry is in deprecation and IBM Cloud Functions does not have API option).

By 88 M

Jan 3, 2023

Difficult a lot of starting over due to technical issues. Responses were slow when stuck on assignments.

By Christelle J

Oct 26, 2021

Very difficult to follow the instructions. The IBM cloud documentation for cloudant is quite awful :/

By Starko T (

Mar 8, 2023

no proper instruction was given on how to do tasks and how to complete project. I don't know coding then how I complete this course?

very bad experience this time from Coursera IBM

google lab is better than IBM labs