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Cloud: Platform as a Service - Master's
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Cloud: Platform as a Service - Master's

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Rahul Patel

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  • To create, deploy, operate, and communicate the strategies and operational considerations to deploy and manage cloud-based technology platforms.

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May 2024


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There are 9 modules in this course

Welcome to Introduction to Platform as a Service (PaaS)! In Module 1, we will define the PaaS and differentiate it from all other cloud services. We will also define scope and boundaries of platform as a service which will guide us for topics covered in rest of the modules of the course. The benefits of using PaaS and recognize the limitations are discussed in this module. Students will also compare, contrast, and understand the best fit for PaaS to help make informed decisions for selecting appropriate cloud implementation strategy. Students will explore various PaaS offerings from various vendors for making the best choice decisions for solving business problems. Finally, students will explore several ways to manage PaaS offering.

What's included

13 videos10 readings7 assignments1 discussion prompt

In this module we will explore and understand the concepts related to containerization. We will compare containers with virtual machines and learn the benefits of using containers in cloud environments. Building blocks and innerworkings of container infrastructure will be explored. Furthermore, we will compare the benefits and limitations of various containerization strategies for effective decision making. To experience containerization operation, we will also create and run a container using Docker on AWS and discuss advanced concepts for containerization management. Finally, we will discuss operational management challenges and discuss effective release and deployment strategies.

What's included

17 videos8 readings7 assignments

In this module we will explore and understand the challenges with containerization and applicability of serverless and microservices approaches. We will discuss the benefits and limitations of using Serverless Computing Platforms in cloud environments. We will further explore the building blocks and innerworkings of Serverless Infrastructure. Furthermore, we will discuss the process of developing and deploying Serverless Solutions. To experience Serverless Platform operation, we will also create a Serverless Platform and run a Serverless Function on AWS Lambda. Finally, we will discuss advanced concepts for effective and efficient operating and management of Serverless Computing Environment.

What's included

11 videos6 readings6 assignments

This module delves into the complexities and solutions for managing databases in the cloud platform for handling and processing large datasets, with the focus on design consideration and implementation of scalable DBMS Platform. Through the series of lessons, students will explore challenges and considerations associated with handling large datasets and learn how Platform as a Service can facilitate the storage and processing of data with built-in scalability and high availability features. Students will gain insights into relational and non-relational database use cases and selection criteria for advanced functionality based on the needs.

What's included

13 videos6 readings6 assignments

This module provides a comprehensive exploration of DevOps principles and practices within the context of Platform as a Service (PaaS). Starting with the basics of Development and Deployment concepts and approaches. Students will learn about the methodologies and cultural philosophies that drive efficient application development and deployment. The module then delves into the advantages of adopting a DevOps culture and how PaaS can streamline and enhance the DevOps lifecycle, from continuous integration to continuous delivery. Finally, Students will learn about API and API management methods in the cloud. By understanding the architecture of development and deployment pipelines facilitated by PaaS providers, students will be equipped to design and implement efficient, scalable, and reliable software delivery processes.

What's included

16 videos6 readings6 assignments

This module serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and applying machine learning (ML) concepts, processes, and platforms. Starting with the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, students will learn how prediction and decision-making algorithms are implemented in the cloud platforms as a service. Additionally, students will become familiarized with commonly used machine learning platforms and learn how to deploy, operate, and optimize ML models effectively. By covering the challenges and limitations of machine learning, this module aims to equip learners with the skills needed to navigate the ML landscape confidently. Whether for forecasting, recognition systems, or decision-making processes, students will leave with a solid foundation in managing and implementing machine learning solutions across various applications.

What's included

11 videos5 readings5 assignments

This module introduces students to the critical concepts of cloud security, emphasizing the shared responsibility model that delineates the security obligations of cloud providers and users. Learners will explore common threats and vulnerabilities specific to cloud environments and analyze the security features and controls offered by Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. This module culminates with practical lessons on architecting and implementing robust security measures for IAM, Network and Data security using Security as a Platform (SaaP). Finally, students will also learn about Audit and security Monitoring Platforms empowering students to design comprehensive security solutions for cloud-based systems.

What's included

11 videos6 readings6 assignments

This module focuses on the principles and practices necessary for creating cloud platforms that exhibit high reliability, scalability, operational maturity, and content delivery. Beginning with architecting auto-scaling solutions, students will learn to enhance application performance dynamically. The module progresses to cover high-availability and load balancing methods for various computing and data management platforms ensuring that students are equipped with best known methods for implementing high-performing scalable and reliable cloud platforms. A critical look at cost-effectiveness teaches strategies for efficient cloud resource utilization. Lastly, the module anticipates the future of Platform as a Service (PaaS) by exploring its secured content delivery network platforms preparing students to adapt to and capitalize on emerging trends in cloud platform development.

What's included

11 videos5 readings5 assignments

This module contains the summative course assessment that has been designed to evaluate your understanding of the course material and assess your ability to apply the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course.

What's included

1 assignment


Rahul Patel
Illinois Tech
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Illinois Tech

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