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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Immunology: Immune Failures and Cancer Immunology by Imperial College London

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Our immune system is a powerful network. It protects us from external threats, such as harmful substances and pathogenic agents, as well as cellular changes which could lead to diseases. Complications emerge when our natural defences do not function properly, which can result in immune disorders. These can take the form of less severe issues such as insect allergy. Others are more harmful, such as auto aggressive immune reactions, that lead to localised or systemic tissue damage. In this course, you will learn about immune system failures which can cause insufficient responses to internal or external threats. We will look at immune deficiencies. These weaken an individual’s immunity and leave them unable to effectively fight infections or manage disease. We will examine the consequences of chronic inflammation on the immune system, in the context of ectopic lymphoid organs. We will also examine immune system malfunctions in tumour development, and the role of viral infections in human cancer....

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By Nora A

Mar 4, 2023

the material itself and the information are really good, although i did expect the course to talk more about how cancer evades immune checkpoints in general and nor a focus on oncoviruses. like why do less t cells infiltrate to the tumor micro-environment and what exactly happens there. also the lecturers are just reading the material it felt robotic and non enthusiastic. i had to re-read the script multiple times to wrap my head around what they are saying.

By Naíma S

Apr 21, 2023

me parece una lastima que este excelente curso no presente subtítulos en español para que asi mas personas puedan adquirir conocimientos y aprovechar esta tan valiosa informacion

By Purnima K

May 7, 2023

This course is apt for someone who is intermediate in their immunology knowledge, like me. It gives you updates on where the current research stands. The courses are well delivered. What I liked the most was the delivery of micro-lectures, which gives you organised information without making you bored at any point.

By Mehlil K

Sep 10, 2023

Course was very interesting and much informative with help examples and diagrammatic explanations helped alot to understand the concepts. Thank you

By Muhammad H

May 1, 2023