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Using a simple and enjoyable teaching style, this course introduces the novice listener to the wonders of classical music, from Bach fugues to Mozart symphonies to Puccini operas....

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Mar 6, 2019

Really appreciate Prof. Wright give us such rich content and sophisticated course. I really enjoy and love it. I am looking forward to seeing more high-level courses from Prof. Wright if there is any.


Mar 23, 2021

A truly wonderful introduction to Classical music. Great course content but perhaps most importantly, Professor Wright is perhaps one of the best teachers I've ever had the pleasure of learning from.

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By Paula C

Jun 7, 2020

I’ve enjoyed this course since day one. Thank you Yale for allowing me to enjoy such quality content delivered by a master in his field. Thank you Professor Wright for sharing a small portion of your expense knowledge and experience in classical music!

By Edwin M V

Oct 15, 2020

Wonderful course where Craig Wright delves into all eras of classical music and takes you along for the wonderful ride! Craig Wright is one of the best instructors I have come across! Enjoy the ride!

By Bettyjo H

Jun 16, 2019

Awesome class. Great details and breakdown of Classical music.

By Connor K

Jul 2, 2020

A passable overview of classical music. Somehow it was both too deep and too superficial for me to really enjoy the course. "Let's go super deep on three compositions of one composer, and then oh also here are some other things that were happening at this time." I was hoping we'd engage with a lot of different composers to understand how music changed over time, but it seemed rather slapdash in its approach.

The assessments are my biggest gripe - none of them helped me learn the content any better, and some were downright frustrating because of their complexity and/or irrelevant content.

The professor isn't terribly engaging either, so I ended up moving through the videos pretty quickly except to listen to the music.

By Lau H N

May 28, 2020

It is difficult to learn more about classical music without playing an instrument so this course is truly a gem! The course outlines and materials were well-crafted to help us see the different periods in relation to one another, other forms of art, the predominant movements in art and society, against the background of some technological and social changes. In other words, the multi-disciplinary approach helps in the visualisation and reinforcement of the learning. I truly appreciate all the visual aids given in the course to help visual learners like me learn about classical music. Professor Wright has a likeable demeanour and exudes passion in his teaching. The best way to do this course - I regret not following up - would be to listen to the examples in the playlist in detail each week to consolidate your learning.

By Tanya M

Nov 5, 2019

This course showed me amazing overview of Classical Music (as big picture) as well as many fascinating and memorable details about genres, composers and individual pieces. I've enjoyed the style of professor Wright and already miss his clever metaphors and funny jokes. I've spent many hours watching videos about and listening to music I've never really cared for, and enjoyed every minute of it. Meanwhile, I've found myself listening to Bach, Schubert, Mozart and Mahler just for pleasure — the thing I've never done before. And Air by Bach touched me so deeply that I've got back to my piano to train to perform it. The course is much beyond expectations! Many thanks to Professor Wright and the team!

By Veronica S

Dec 20, 2020

I just want to thank professor Craig for this excellent course. I am 67 years old and I think I have lost something very important in my life since I never studied music. But never is too late and throug this course and a previus one that he gave before, I¨ve been able to appreciate many dimensions of music and life as well. I¨ve realized that music can synthetized aspects and kwoledge of this world in which we live.

Many many thanks and I wish him and everybody a Happy Crhistmas and a safe New Year free of the suffering caused by co-vid. From Santiago Chile, Verónica Silva Prado

By Abhijit C

Jun 29, 2020

This is the best online learning course I have ever done. I don't come from a music background, but the professor and his team could make me stick around patiently and learn about so many things for the last 9 weeks. This had been a very tough time with all the uncertainties going around us due to the pandemic, and this course played the role of a good friend to hold hands and take me along through this time. I am tremendously grateful to Prof. Crag Wright and his team at Yale, as well as the Coursera team for making this accessible. More power to you guys! :)

By Max-F. S

May 24, 2020

Highly recommended course. This course has been the best introduction to classical music and its styles of music. I have actively listened to classical music for the last 25 years but haven't had a full picture or analytical skills to the level I gained after this course. Prof. Wright is an engaging, entertaining and experienced professor. One of (if not the) best ROTI (Return On Time Investment) in my life-long learning journey. Thank you very much to Prof. Wright and his team!

By Celia C

Jun 7, 2020

I want to thank Mr Wright for the course. I am a music teacher in English in Madrid (Spain) and I leant a lot about how to teach in English. I was overwhelmed of work because I had to teach online with my students due to coronavirus crisis and your classes were a relief for me every day. Besides I fulfilled a dream that was to study in Yale. At least partially. Thank you again.

Celia Cosgaya

By Claudio C

Dec 18, 2020

Excellent course. Professor Craig Wright has given us both a short introduction to musical theory and a journey to classical music up to contemporary. He has invited some specialists and students as resource persons. He has also enriched the course with excursions in literature and visual arts. He has shared some anecdotes and memories making the course even more interesting!

By Alexander F M

May 31, 2020

A thousand thanks. The material of the course and the warmhearted pedagogy, may well take a completely different world and high stimulus to people in areas, regions and countries experiencing serious social issues. This purpose has a wide potential to make a shift in individual's awareness, if carefully aimed. Humanism by means of classical music.

By Malcolm T

May 19, 2020

A very good introductory course. Craig is an excellent and engaging professor, he balances serious study with some fun. Above all, he shows that classical music is music that everyone can understand and enjoy. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn more about classical music but were afraid to ask. Highly recommended.

By Lee C Y

Jun 9, 2020

A really informative and well constructed course. Professor Wright is very engaging and I can feel his passion in what he is delivering. Definitely enjoyed his playing with the TA and office hours as well! I had so much fun and learned so much from this course, so going to miss this. Thank you to the team that had made this possible!❤️

By Mohsin H K

May 19, 2020

This course was beautifully structured. Although, I have studied classical music through the duration of my life, I found in this course many useful facts but more importantly a new way of approaching the way I listen to music. I thank everyone from the team for allowing me to experience this whilst also working a full-time schedule.

By Bob W

May 11, 2020

This Course was wonderful. The Prof. is gifted, both in music and in communication. The material is fascinating and just difficult enough to keep it challenging and fun. This is a difficult time (Covid), and the Course was a perfect way to be alone together. Thank you.

By subiksha k

Jun 14, 2020

The best introduction to classical music one can get. Coming from a country like India which has its own musical tradition and culture, I expected that it would be hard for me to understand western classical music. But, this course made it smooth and palatable. Thank you.

By Jesszzz

Jun 7, 2020

A really good overview of music theory and the history of musical development. Would highly recommend if you want to learn systematically about Classical Music, and get to be familiar with some of the famous composers.

By Dorothy P

Dec 31, 2020

Well Done! Bravo! This type and quality of instruction is a great example of how education needs to be deployed for people of all ages including remote primary and secondary education as well as continuing education.

By Miryung S

May 23, 2020

Professor Craig Wright is not only a gifted musician, he is a truly gifted educator. He made everything so easy and natural to understand!

Thank you so much for making this course available to the public.

By alfonso b

Jan 13, 2021

I have lived listening to classical music but never studied anything related. This course was a gratifying experience. Now I know something about music. Congratulations to Craig Wright and his team.

By Rachael L

Jun 18, 2020

Relatable and mind opening. Enroll if for no other reason than to discover music you forgot you love. There are a lot of great questions to chew on throughout this course. I highly recommend it.

By Natalie F

Jan 2, 2021

Thank you, Yale, for offering this course during the pandemic. It took me months to complete it but I truly enjoyed learning about classical music. Thank you Professor Wright.

By Marco O

Dec 31, 2020

Un curso altamente recomendado para aquellos que deseen profundizar más sobre la historia y técnicas utilizadas a lo largo de la historia de la música clásica.

By Deleted A

Jan 9, 2021

I have no words to say how I liked the way Professor Craig Wright easily introduced us to the wonderful world of Classical Music! Thank you very much.