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Intellectual property is the currency of the tech world, with the world’s most valuable intellectual property assets dwarfing the value of their real-world counterparts. Apple’ trademarked brand was valued at over $100 billion as of 2017. J.K. Rowling’s Harry potter franchise has generated over $25 billion to date. But how did the law come to create such enormous value in intangible assets? This course will introduce the various types of U.S. intellectual property: patents, which cover inventions and process innovations; copyright, which protects original works of authorship; and trademarks, which protect a business’ commercial identity as the source of valuable goods and services. You will then explore case studies of how global businesses have used intellectual property law to generate enormous value from these intangible assets....

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Apr 30, 2020

Polk Wagner makes an exceptional job at explaining the concepts. The supporting material is of high quality as well. Im extremely happy with the course and will follow through with the specialization

Oct 1, 2020

Introduction to Intellectual Property Law was the perfect opportunity to introduce myself to the field of study. It is appropriately outlined, and includes an overview of the major IP Law areas.

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Oct 20, 2019

A very nice and effective course in imparting skills about IPR

By Samuel L

Aug 30, 2019

Fantastic, easy to understand overview for anyone looking to get into IP law. Though I am still new to the field, as a profession, I can attest to the quality of this course while I was trying it out, but I will aim to complete the specialization. A big plus is the constant review and application of specific laws, claims and mindset when approaching practical IP intensive situations. A big thanks to UPenn LAw.

By Guo-Hua Z

Oct 29, 2019

The online course is well structured. Video-taped course material given by Professor Wagner is conscience and clear. The lecture and reading materials covered the basics of the 3 major forms of IP for people to gain a round knowledge about IP law. The 3 examples strengthened the understanding of IP applied in real world commerce. I recommend the course to those who desire to have basic knowledge about IP.

By Kamil J

Feb 10, 2020

Personally I found this course to be truly useful. Not only did I learned the basics of Intellectual Property Laws, I also was able to learn the difference between the differences between my IP laws of India and USA which was fascinating to me.

By Feng X

Feb 24, 2020

This course gives a legal foundation to understand intellectual property and a complete review of three major forms of intellectual properties. Great engaging lectures. Highly recommended.

By Gloria L D

Aug 25, 2019

Extremely informative. This is my first online course and I can not began to tell you how much I've learn in just one session. I am looking forward to week two.

By Malik I

Dec 7, 2019

The development of technology has to improvise the techniques of business delimiting the boundaries extendable to international approaches making the requirement of physical and intellectual right to safeguard and protect ownership, this course has outset enshrine high quality of knowledge leading to grasp the individual form of the intellectual property right henceforth. Hopefully very useful in practice.

By Syed M A

Aug 27, 2019

This gave an excellent overview of the Intellectual Property. Although, I would have wanted a more detailed analysis of the theories of Intellectual Property. However, given the introductory nature of the course, I am thrilled to take this course with excellent community. Thank you Dr Paul Wagner for designing this course.


Jul 17, 2019

The course is very helpful in understanding the pillars as well as the basics of IP, that is Copyright, Patent and Trademark laws. It is a complex topic but the instruction did his best to make thing simple and understandable. I would definitely recommend this to others

By Scott B

Jul 1, 2020

Excellent course! I learned a great deal about this subject and am excited to utilize the base line knowledge in a new entrepreneurial venture. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain greater knowledge in this subject line!

By Nathalia A M H

Apr 22, 2020

The explanations of the themes in the course are easy to understand and the activities gave the opportunity to put on practices everything that we learn in the course.

By Kittisak P

Jan 25, 2020

This corse is very good and easy to understand for the non-native English speakers, like me.

By Xavier E

Dec 28, 2019

Is the first time studying online and UPenn and Coursera make it a great experience. Thanks

By Daphne K

Jan 15, 2020

Curso fantástico! Professores dedicados e com uma didática excelente! Adorei o curso!

By Deepak P

Nov 22, 2019

Very helpful course for beginner to get overview of major part of IP field.

By Valerie A N

Aug 5, 2019

This course is an absolute gold mine.

By Emma V

Oct 10, 2019

Un cours très clair, synthétique !

By Tonya S W

Mar 8, 2020

Very excellent course.thank you


Nov 7, 2019

Great program! Congrats

By Mukhtar K

Oct 7, 2019

very good

By Nikoleta K

Sep 25, 2019


By Juan R

Jan 14, 2020

Me gustó mucho el curso, las explicaciones son claras y con ejemplos atractivos para la gente y útiles. Desafortunadamente, me ha parecido que el método de calificación tiende a ser subjetivo por los estudiantes. Quizá una mejora sería que un estudiante pueda calificar el trabajo final juntamente con un trabajador de Coursera.

By Catalina Q R

Aug 3, 2020

It is a great Introductory course, with a very aproachable vocabulary that allows non-native english speakers and non-legal profesionals to understand basic levels of IP Law in the US. The lectures are very dinamic and useful, the quizes revise only relevant information and the complementary reads are very interesting and don't require you to invest a lot of time in them, allowing to expand your knowledge without disturbing whatever daily routine you have.

By Oliver A W G

Oct 3, 2020

I was a lawyer in England for 5 years, primarily practising commercial law, and I unfortunately never actually had the opportunity to get involved with IP law. I did not even study this during my time at university. I therefore greatly enjoyed this course. Professor Wagner is very engaging and has an excellent manner in terms of his explanation of difficult concepts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with even a fleeting interest in IP law.

By dongyun l

Jan 27, 2021

This course provides a legal basis and societal meaning for professionals generating and managing intellectual properties who do not have law background. The course materials are condensed but well selected with many interesting readings. Three case studies at the end are excellent references and applicable to real world IP strategy work.