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This course is an ideal stepping stone if you want to become a mobile developer. We’ll introduce you to this career path and give you a high-level overview of programming and the tools needed to develop Android applications. Explore the Android Studio and the fundamental concepts of Android app development. Learn about operating systems and different platforms for creating mobile apps. You’ll conclude your introduction to Android application development by building out each aspect of a guided project....

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Dec 31, 2022

This is a really great and educative course. It is really amazing. It thought me the fundamental concepts of android apps, both theoretical concepts, and practical concepts. I learned a lot from it.


Feb 1, 2023

This course easily explained everything about the basics of Android Mobile Applications Development. This is a great course for starting a profession as an Android Mobile Application Developer.

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By Richard C

Aug 26, 2022

I was super impressed with this first course when I started it, but I became less satisfied when I progressed into it further. The quality of the production is amazing and the instructor seems quite good. It looks like serious effort was put into making this look top notch. It may be the nicest looking course I've ever taken on Coursera.

My criticism is that the course goes from really basic in Week One to very complicated by Week Three. The videos are accessible at first, but they very quickly get so technical that I had a really tough time following them. There are so many technical terms introduced in so little time that it's really hard to keep track of any of it. Since the quizzes mostly ask questions about the technical vocabulary introduced, they are very frustrating. I have some experience with other programming languages and IDEs and I found this extremely difficult to follow.

Overall, the course just overloads you with so much information so fast that you can't absorb it. It almost feels as if a technical manual is being read to you--everything is there but it's not presented in a way that feels meaningful. You can pass by simply retaking the quizzes until you get the answers right, but you won't feel like you really understand anything. I think they needed a fourth week and to just spread out the material a bit more. The first course in a specialization like this needs to be more accessible. There are also a few errors in the quizzes that need to be corrected.


Oct 30, 2022

This is one of the best course to get core knowlegde of android ,android studio and emulators.This course only for beginners who want to know what is android and how its works.

By Mahesh S

Aug 17, 2023

Studying the new course is really exciting and an achievement. I hope to get the other opportunity soon for developing more skills in it. Appreciated and Hearlty Thank You!!!

By Hamza A

Sep 28, 2022

One of the best Course for beginers who are starting there journey for Mobile Application Development. Thanks Coursera for giving me the chance to explore more in my career

By Jeremy T

Dec 24, 2022

This is a pretty chaotic intro for a "beginner" course. The final video player app you build doesn't work if you use the step by step instructions. Even directly copying and pasting their "solution" code is filled with multiple errors in Android Studio. A beginner is not able to troubleshoot coding errors, and the discussion forums are filled with other learners trying to help each other, to no avail. The overall presentation along the way felt pretty random, often with isolated facts being thrown out with no context and then moving on. I would expect more of a logical structure from a course claiming no prior knowledge required.

By Shamim A

Dec 4, 2022

The course was nicely choreographed and beautifully taught. It proviedes the new learners with clear and good understanding of Android Mobile Appliction Development.

By Melissa P

Apr 30, 2023

Course is decent. It covers various background information on Android application programming(ie. files, OS images, Android Studio walkthrough). It ends with a simple app, which I don't believe is beginner friendly.

Instead of building a straightforward TextView/Button app, the course creates a VideoView app(which I loved being exposed to, but again, the app is a jump from what was covered.) A Udemy course will get your more mileage until you return to fill in the basics with this certificate course.

Video and sound production are amazing quality and the instructor/transcripts are clear.

By Ehtisham R

Apr 29, 2023

This is great course at introduction level. I really enjoyed it. The only problem is that the Media Player designed in this course is outdated and new Android Studio has different layout and language structure.

By Sarah W

Apr 13, 2023

Great start to a exciting course. Ready to continue the journey.

By Sami I

Nov 11, 2023

I've done many courses offered by Meta, but unfortunately, this is the worst one so far. The lack of practice exercises and the tendency to go over code without any explanation doesn't make any sense. It was a really bad experience.


Apr 9, 2023

The Course is not quite attractive as that of Google Courses. Google Courses are easy to understand and keeping attractive to learn.

By Obed I R

Dec 3, 2022

The course sets the foundations for mobile development, allowing you to develop your own ideas or help others to do the same. In addition, the course gives a taste of how to use the tools for developing mobile applications, specifically Android applications. A proper time is required for this course, because it is a heavy introduction to mobile development, with a set of modern skills such as Kotlin, Android API, XML, and Gradle. Considering this is a very detailed introduction to mobile development, I would strongly recommend taking this course.

By quetzal u

Aug 1, 2023

Agradecido con Coursera y Meta por brindarme la oportunidad de participar en el curso de Introducción al Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles. Me permitió adquirir conocimientos básicos en el desarrollo de aplicaciones y dar un primer vistazo en esta área de la programación. Estoy agradecido por la flexibilidad que Coursera ofrece al permitirme aprender a mi propio ritmo y acceder a material educativo de alta calidad. Sin duda, esta experiencia ha sido enriquecedora <3

By Roshan p

Oct 8, 2022

This course was really very useful, it gave me the much needed foundation for android developement.

I started this course to get introduced to the subject and get an understanding that whether I can pursue it further or not, but the way taught , I am sure, I am going for the further follow up courses.

By Chinedu O

Apr 5, 2023

The course was rich, easy to understand and interactive.

The only thing I noted is that the version of Android Studio used in the course seems a bit dated from what is being used in April 2023, which is the period I am taking this course.

Apart from that, great course, great facilitator.

Thank you.

By ed V

Sep 29, 2022

Course is good, it feels like a good way to introduce android development, while not being vague and basic.

It is true that some things were not taught , but that is fine, because this course is just the introduction, I expect to learn more about the coding part in the respective Kotlin course.

By Nicholas K

Jan 17, 2023

Excellent presentation of Ideas in a well-organized manner. Most tutorials fail to teach the important things first such as project planning, layouts, XML, emulators etcetera. But in this course, there's no pre-emption of the learner's previous knowledge.

By Samantha R

May 21, 2023

I loved this course. I currently work in Android, and it solidified a lot of things for me. I feel like I understand and can explain Android concepts on a deeper level. Very grateful for this course and I will be completing the other certifications.

By Aliddeki B

Aug 17, 2023

The inclass question checks plus the widespread reading material is enough to self-evaluate and research through the course while at the same time learning from a good instructor. This is indeed a good introduction to android development

By Aman D

Dec 30, 2022

It's a beneficial course for them who want to begin their career as an Android Developer. Every module is well Structured and explaining is good as well.

I want to say thank you to Coursera to provide such a course.


Feb 28, 2023

It was a great course. I have many more about android applications. more about its core information than the actual creation this course helped me to gain knowledge about the android studio and many more things.

By Fatungase Q

Aug 24, 2022

I really enjoyed taking tis course, I loved how every aspect was broken down into easy concepts to help understand them without difficulty. I would definitely recommend for anyone going into android development.

By Oluwadamilare F

Dec 21, 2023

As an introduction to Android mobile application development, I learned important concepts I can further build on in the process of advancing in this career of mine. Thanks; I appreciate the knowledge.

By Nelmatrix N C

Dec 31, 2022

This is a really great and educative course. It is really amazing. It thought me the fundamental concepts of android apps, both theoretical concepts, and practical concepts. I learned a lot from it.

By Iqra

Feb 2, 2023

This course easily explained everything about the basics of Android Mobile Applications Development. This is a great course for starting a profession as an Android Mobile Application Developer.