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About the Course

This self-paced IBM course will teach you all about big data! You will become familiar with the characteristics of big data and its application in big data analytics. You will also gain hands-on experience with big data processing tools like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Bernard Marr defines big data as the digital trace that we are generating in this digital era. You will start the course by understanding what big data is and exploring how insights from big data can be harnessed for a variety of use cases. You’ll also explore how big data uses technologies like parallel processing, scaling, and data parallelism. Next, you will learn about Hadoop, an open-source framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data and its ecosystem. You will discover important applications that go hand in hand with Hadoop, like Distributed File System (HDFS), MapReduce, and HBase. You will become familiar with Hive, a data warehouse software that provides an SQL-like interface to efficiently query and manipulate large data sets. You’ll then gain insights into Apache Spark, an open-source processing engine that provides users with new ways to store and use big data. In this course, you will discover how to leverage Spark to deliver reliable insights. The course provides an overview of the platform, going into the components that make up Apache Spark. You’ll learn about DataFrames and perform basic DataFrame operations and work with SparkSQL. Explore how Spark processes and monitors the requests your application submits and how you can track work using the Spark Application UI. This course has several hands-on labs to help you apply and practice the concepts you learn. You will complete Hadoop and Spark labs using various tools and technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, Python, and Jupyter Notebooks....

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Mar 7, 2022

the lecture was clearly understandible and I feel very gratefull to have this lecture

thank you it was phenomenal😊


Nov 8, 2022

All the thinks I need to know about Big Data, Spark, Hadoop and Hive and explained in details

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By Prateek P

Jun 2, 2022

It's very hard to follow a bot's voice. Not at all interactive. A machine keeps speaking at a speed. That's not a way to learn something.

By Peter F

Feb 10, 2022

To me, this seems like general BS full of buzzwords, but you won't learn anything practical anout how to use these tools

By Long N T

Oct 25, 2021

Personally, I've found that the knowledge delivering method should be redone in a more attractive manner. Concretly, the fact of giving too many texts and theories in the slides easily make students get bored and lack of motivation to continue listening. For such kind hands-on courses, we need more and more practical exercises instead of too many theories lectures without showing any demo neither coding in the slides

By Arnaud H

Oct 31, 2021

IBM stopped to maintain/support it's platform where the jupyter exercises are hosted since more than 1 year !

It's a true shame, we discover at the end of the formation than it is impossible to finish it...

By sohil g

Jun 21, 2022

It is Presentation deck with AI bot giving Voiceover narration. No one really teaching anything .

By Mohd S B S H

Feb 16, 2022

Too dry and technical plus I couldn't get some of the codes with the notebook to work. There is a better video especially for Hadoop on Udacity that gives a much better explanation and I do hope you try to make the material more digestable. Each video is trying so hard to cram as much information into it as possible without giving the students much time to understand what is going.

By Omar H

Jan 30, 2022

It is a great course on the theory part but there is no practical part " I guess they was depending on the next course in the specialization", also it would be better for more non robotic way in delivering the lectures.

By Wanderson M

Jan 22, 2024

The worst course of this specialization by far. The lectures demanded a strong dev background, threw tech concepts in our face without caring no dev people would understand. The project was focused on data manipulation, joins/selects, without exploring the true potentials of Spark. Suggestions: applied study cases, real distributed dataset so we could test the different resources allocations, design and run a real spark environment with real data, not only csvs that fit in the computer memory.

By Brent H

Dec 24, 2023

The course is great, but when they updated the course a while ago, the certificate disappeared and you have to do the entire course again if you want to have the certificate again. As such, this course is not compliant to their own promises and probably also not to the policy of Coursera.


Feb 19, 2023

To much concepts and theory, i need more practice examples and less theory concepts

By Noel D

Nov 9, 2022

All the thinks I need to know about Big Data, Spark, Hadoop and Hive and explained in details

By Rorisang S

May 8, 2022

Fantastic blend of theory and practical (labs). The labs are short and have concise material.

By David A S

Jun 22, 2022

Since I already had a previous banckground using Spark this course refreshed the theoretical foundations about its main topics: RDD, parellelism amog other. It was good to remember the way Spark works. On the other hand I must say there are some troubles with some labs environments where is not possible to work on the practical exercises.

By Natale F

Nov 21, 2021

Good course on the theoretical concepts needed to understand these tools. However, there is not much practice.

By Santiago Z A

Sep 29, 2022

No project. Labs are only copy-paste commands.

A lot of contents that are only explained using text (it will be nice if diagrams, images, examples are more used!)

In general, it's a OK course, with the following course it could be a overall good in order to start your Big Data Journey!

By kalpana G

May 17, 2023

i feel, it should be good if they add more hands-on work for learning spark and Hadoop

By Antonio G

Nov 15, 2022

I found this course very interesting, great for an aspiring data engineer! It starts by introducing the concept of big data in general and then goes into more and more detail, analyzing Hadoop and Spark in depth. I highly recommend it!

By Kenan

Jan 30, 2024

That is a well packaged course allow you crate bıg data applıcatıon. You can download as pdf files the application hands on practise and follow them and update them depending on ypur own appication

By Marcin S

Mar 26, 2024

Solid and in-depth introduction to core elements of Spark. All you need to know on RDD, architecture, drivers and UI in one place!

By Aditya P S P

Mar 7, 2022

the lecture was clearly understandible and I feel very gratefull to have this lecture

thank you it was phenomenal😊

By Mahmoud G

Jul 16, 2023

Course was full of information and details for a beginner In big data technology


Oct 28, 2022

well-structured course with comprehensive content and practical skills

By Nghị N Đ

Jun 11, 2023

good for new person who want to understand about hadoop and spark


Jan 25, 2022

leesons also the time i spend was unnoticable thank you so much


Jan 5, 2023

Excellent introductory course to big data, spark and hadoop!