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About the Course

This course is designed to help Scrum beginners learn the foundational knowledge to become proficient with Agile Scrum. Throughout the course, learners will explore Agile methodologies and benefits of building incrementally. They will also learn about the roles within Scrum teams, events that happen during a Sprint, Agile artifacts, and the Definition of Done for a Sprint....

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Apr 14, 2022

The tutor took his time to explain each concept and the videos were short and straight to the point. Assignments and class works were challenging, which helps in understanding what is being taught.


Nov 4, 2023

I loved this course, I took it because they asked for it in a job interview, SCRUM is such a great way to be efficient in software development, but it can be used in so many different areas also.

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By Matt O

Aug 1, 2021

Slides were crammed, busy, and chock full of typos. LIke, typos all over the place. Worse, the speaker was not exceptionally excited, charismatic, or even useful; my attention competed with trying to read the slides and listen to him at the same time. I usually had to pause, read the slides, then play, but then I'd just listen to him basically say the same thing. Why do a Coursera? What's the value-add? I could just google it or read a book. Ideally the human presenter adds something. I tried a different Agile course before this one, and although it wasn't scrum and wasn't what I wanted, the presenter had concise slides and used a pen draw arrows, write notes, make connections, and interact with the material. I helped me listen and I read. It worked together. It's just really hard to pay attention to this guy. My girlfriend walked in and asked why I looked annoyed. I said I was doing a Coursera class. She shrugged and said, "yeah. quality isn't usually very high, is it."

By Dmytro P

Aug 29, 2021

Hi! This course will not help you if you plan to be prepared for PSM exam. Choose another course.

By Brian C

Dec 8, 2021

While the content was in general applicable and accessible, I found the number of spelling errors and incorrect word usage in so many sections very distracting and lowered my confidence in the content. Spelling "Scrum", "scum" in one place, using "conversion" in place of "conversation" and "sophisticated" spelled "sofisticated" was very unnerving. Also, Scrum is a very human process, so why can't we see video of an actual scrum process in action? Why is it always theoretical descriptions of what people do etc?

By C G

Aug 20, 2021

Someone really needs to go proofread the materials. There are MANY mistakes.

By Jan (

Jun 13, 2022

This is wonderful course for someone who knows nothing about scrum and wants to learn. It definitely helped with attached resources to learned more and I love learning new things

By Dhia G

Feb 3, 2024

Overall good content however a lot of outdated information (based on the scrum guide), a lot of questions are badly formulated in the quizzes and last but not least a lot of mistakes in the Reading sections.

By Alaa M M

Mar 3, 2024

This "Introduction to Scrum Master Training" course exceeded my expectations. It provides a comprehensive and well-structured overview of the Scrum framework, perfectly suited for anyone who wants to step into the Scrum Master role or gain a deeper understanding of Agile project management. Here's what impressed me most: Clear Explanations: The course breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand modules, making it accessible for beginners. I particularly appreciated the use of real-world examples to illustrate key Scrum principles. Engaging Material: The course combines lectures, interactive exercises, and quizzes to keep learners engaged. The content is well-paced, allowing for thorough understanding without feeling overwhelming. Valuable Insights: The course delves beyond just the mechanics of Scrum. It explores the underlying philosophies and the role of the Scrum Master in fostering a collaborative and successful Agile team environment. Actionable Takeaways: By the end of the course, I felt equipped with practical tools and strategies to implement Scrum in my own projects. The resources provided, including templates and cheat sheets, are a valuable addition. Overall, this course is an excellent introduction to Scrum. It empowers learners to confidently navigate the Scrum framework and contribute to high-performing Agile teams. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in mastering Scrum!

By Carrie W

Jul 5, 2022

I found this course broke down the information in easy to follow and understand concepts. I realized while going through this course that I think I have found my calling as my leadership style has been that of a Scrum Master and that has not always been the leadership style that my organization wanted me to use. I realized I was in the wrong field.

By Nike O

Jul 25, 2022

The course is engaging and really I could not stop the program till I was done. I finished it in about 5 days, that is how much I enjoyed this particular training. Thank you so much!

By Bruno R S

Nov 2, 2021

Heavy content for a 2 weeks course. But wait, this is just the first course of 4! It is quite complete on Scrum artifacts and some caveats of the methodology.

By Kelly B

Feb 14, 2022

Really great beginner course for an intro to Scrum and Agile process. It was very helpful and would recommend if you are thinking of a Scrum career.

By Ngala N N

Feb 2, 2022

this course is one of the most important courses in my career development as it helped me understand the process in building a functional solution.

By Stacey W

Jul 26, 2021

Great, simple to follow training with a good mix of online learning, reading, exercizes and tests.

By Asha S

Aug 28, 2021

Course was good, language was simple and easy to understand.

By Adeyinka O

Dec 3, 2021

The presentations are concise though detailed, but devoid of unnecessary contents. The calmness and ease of presentation is mentally alerting, you're totally engrossed throughout the presentations, and you might not necessarily need so much revision to recap concepts and details. It is worth all the time and commitment.

By Vini R

Nov 11, 2022

It was a great fundamental course with every aspect covered. I would have liked it more if there could be some scenarios built in the course for explaining the concepts better. Also, the facilitator/presenter could have had screen presence would have made the course more engaging, and not just basic slides with voice.

By Melysa D

Jun 14, 2023

I have yet to apply this knowledge, however in my opinion the course was thorough and informative and certainly deserves five stars. I suppose doing the next installment will give me a better understanding of how thorough this first part has been. Looking forward to it...

By Oriolowo N

May 15, 2022

Very educative and totally worth it. I'm happy and i feel fulfilled being able to complete this course successfully. Looking forward to all the great opportunities it will offer me in my carreer. Thank you so much to all the people and teams of Coursera. God bless you.

By Domenico L

Feb 2, 2023

It provides a very good first introduction to the Scrum world and all related concepts. It offers the basic main tools to approach Scrum universe and understand how it differs from other frameworks in the general segment of project management theories and practices.

By Raviphas S

Oct 9, 2022

This is my first course on Coursera, and it is unbelievable how useful it is. I worked as a software developer intern at a tech company last summer. However, I only understand a few things about Scrum, and this course fulfils that knowledge of mine. Excellent!

By Orkhan J N

Aug 21, 2023

It is the first experience in my professional life, as I started to work a project manager, I learned a lot from the course. I do believe that it will be helpful in my future life too. Thanks to everyone who organized such an amazing course!!!

By Tija B

Dec 4, 2021

A very well-made course. Very explanatory and easy to follow. Some minor grammar errors, and two additional reading materials have been expired, but those ar the only cons that I can think of. Deifintely worth to take this course!

By Lawrence P

May 4, 2022

The course is really informative and reenforces knowledge and practices I have in my current workplace. I found a few mispellings and mispronunciations, but they didn't distract from the content delivery whatsoever.

By Courtney W

Jun 30, 2023

This course was interesting and informative for someone like me who is new to this field. I also appreciate that the instructor wasn't monotoned in his videos, made them a lot easier to listen to and focus on.