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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Toward the Future of iOS Development with Swift by University of California, Irvine

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About the Course

An introduction to the Swift programming language. This will prepare you for more extensive iOS app development and build a foundation for advanced iOS development topics. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Associate the relationship of Swift and Objective-C and their use in iOS and Mac (OS X) programming 2. Develop the ability to read and write Swift code 3. Distinguish how both programming languages can be used together in applications 4. Demonstrate how to write applications entirely in Swift with the help from several iOS programming samples 5. Determine how Swift can be used for development on new platforms such as Apple Watch and Apple TV 6. Create a working client-server iPhone application with location services that you can add to your portfolio....

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May 29, 2016

Great overview of Swift - nice, challenging assignments. Instructors explain concepts well in videos.


May 10, 2017

Great course! This one is best one in this specialization(for now i finished 5 from 6 courses)

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By Steven M

Jul 21, 2017

This is the 5th course in the “iOS Development for Creative Entrepreneurs” specialization. This could have been a great course, but sadly it has several flaws.

1) The target audience seems to be individuals who have never programmed before. Not students half way through the iOS specialization.

2) The material is based on Swift 2 which is fairly outdated as of this writing (July 2017). The current version is Swift 3.1 with Swift 4 waiting in the wings.

3) The presenter for most of the course is hard to understand both verbally and code wise. To complicate matters, the videos are low quality which makes following along with the code difficult and can be frustrating if debugging is not your strong suit.

4) Optionals are a big part of Swift, but are still a fairly new topic for many programmers. The course used optionals but did not explain what they were or how they were used.

IMHO, Coursera should contract with Don Patterson, the instructor for the other 5 parts of the iOS specialization, to create an updated Swift 4 course that better integrates with the iOS specialization.

I would have dropped this cause but it is required for the “iOS Development for Creative Entrepreneurs” specialization.

By Penny

Nov 19, 2020

This would have been an exceptional course : The quality of the teaching is excellent, the topics and projects are excellent, it's engaging and well structured.

BUT. and this is a big BUT.

It is now so out of date that it is not possible to complete the assignments - especially the final assignment. IOS, swift and Xcode have changed significantly since this course was written. And whilst it is theoretically possible, with a lot of hard work & research, to update the code yourself, the resources required to complete the final project (ie the API) simply do not exist anymore. Barring writing your own API (which is vastly beyond the scope of this course), the final graded project is impossible to complete.

This is such a shame because the quality & content of this course would be fantastic with a little updating.

Please update this course coursera!

By Ben W

Nov 8, 2016

DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE - THE guy who reads (not teaches) the course, Justin-Nicholas Toytama is horrendous. He's too lazy to even type out the codes and has the world's most monotonous voice.

He pauses often to read this notes and has 0 enthusiasm teaching this class. If this class is not part of the certificate specialization, i wouldn't even pay for this course. $64 gets you further with Nick Walter or Rob Percival's Udemy course.

By s k

Nov 21, 2016

very good course. And trainers are expert in thier field. Thankyou. very nice experience

By Shanaka S

Nov 11, 2016

This is a good course in swift. The lecture videos goes into some depth, not just skim through the basics. So in that regard it's good. But the quizzes and assignment can be a bit improved. With that said, I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested learning iOS development with Swift.

By Helen B

May 30, 2016

Great overview of Swift - nice, challenging assignments. Instructors explain concepts well in videos.

By Luis D S

May 2, 2016

would love to have this course in 2 sessions, instead of one,

By Deleted A

Jan 3, 2017

Hard and confusing, did not like this course.

By Li Q

Mar 27, 2017

very useful, Swift is a great program lan

By Ralf B

Jun 4, 2016

Great course. Easy to follow.

By Vinicius T

Nov 8, 2016


By Milad F

Jul 5, 2020


By Osipenko P

Apr 29, 2016

Good. Week 4 was very challenging.

By Matthew M

Jun 13, 2017

The course is ambitious and thorough in its instruction, but is badly in need of an update. Swift 4 is now on the horizon (previewed already at WWDC 2017), but this course teaches version 2.0. The language has evolved significantly (3.1 as I write this review). Not only does the learner miss out on many of the new features, but quite a few things in this course are simply not true anymore, and will be contradicted by the Apple documentation. In effect, to pass the quizzes for this course, you have to give an answer that was true for obsolete Swift 2.0, but it false for current XCode and Swift development.

Aside from this, the two programming assignments are weak. The first is trivial, and the second is a nicely complex implementation of swift and iOS, but the learner is only responsible for making minor changes before submitting.

Redo the course with Swift 3.1 and XCode 8.3.

By Deleted A

Jun 22, 2017

An OK introduction to the Swift Programming Language and Use in building an iOS Application employing aspects such as UICollectionViews, MapView, Network calls among others. Most Videos are of poor quality and the delivery of the content is not that great. Finally its outdated, could be improved a lot.

By Deleted A

Sep 13, 2016

looks like it has great contents but really hard to finish it , due to video and audio issue

In some lectures , I can't hardly read the blurry syntax and almost impossible to hear

By Hung N

Jun 21, 2016

The video quality was so bad, can not see the code clearly. Please update the better video.

By Aleksei D

Apr 1, 2017

Week 4 is very bad!

Bad quality of video.

Bad speaker.

By kleist l

Oct 13, 2016

Some videos are blurring

By Ken C

Oct 10, 2016

Week 4 was particularly tough to get through. Instructor seem uninterested, and the constant hair flipping was distracting. Videos came through blurry despite using "high quality" settings. There was a lot of code to get through that could have been better organized. On a few occasions, I had to back-track through the videos to find something I missed. And, in one area, instructor had to go back and fix something but didn't bother to provide guidance as to were to go and do this yourself. In the end, I gave up following along with the videos and built the app using my own research.

By Yanning L

Jan 15, 2018

xcode 9 does not support the supporting code for assignment 4. needs to be updated.

By Peter R J K

Apr 8, 2016

you can take the assignments only if you pay

By Yassine Z

Jun 20, 2016

Instructor voice is too low and intro music is too high.

Video quality is bad.

Course content is for very beginners people, beginners to programming not only to Swift.

Sorry to say it, but this course is really bad. Does not deserve to be in this specialization!