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This lesson is part of a full course, Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone. Take this lesson to get a short tutorial on the learning objectives covered. To dive deeper into this topic, take the full course. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to produce proper word stress and intonation in your speaking....

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Oct 26, 2022

The content of this class will really help my carrer.

But, after I complete my quiz (last part of this class), my class still on class. I mean class won't be finished.


Aug 25, 2023

this course is so good and the presenter is so cute but there is some cons that more practice is needed ... for all thanks

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By Vibha M

Apr 3, 2020

I loved your course. It helps me a lot to learn about syllables and stresses


By Courtney B

Jan 29, 2021

It was a an alright class to be honest, but it's only one week and when you finish it doesn't actually let you finish the course. It just says it's ongoing without having anymore course material. The students in the forum seem to really need answers and help but they are left abandoned. This class was a pretty major letdown. Sure I learned quite a bit even as a native English speaker, but I feel bad for all the people who wanted a course and were just left hanging with one lesson and even then it quite frankly couldn't be completed.

By Marina V

Sep 6, 2020

This course is basic and fast to complete, but it was very helpful.

By Snigdha S M

Aug 18, 2020

it never shows completed despite finishing it months ago

By Tintu M

Oct 19, 2020

i have completed the and received 100% score. But my assessment shows missing. please help me.

By Hana R

Dec 16, 2021

this course help me to learn things which I don't no it

thinks for all

By El M H

Apr 30, 2020

Good learning thank you so much

By Jenny C V

May 8, 2020

Thank you so much, I didn´t know the stress word. And now I´ll could understand more in conversation

By Muhammad A

Jun 4, 2021

This course was great and amazing who develop your learning skills.

By Marisol U

May 25, 2020

muy interesante y creativo...

By Keosha K

Sep 30, 2020

nice but I still have not completed the course i have completed week 1 all content but at the end 1 dot is remaining and says END10/18


Dec 10, 2020

Muy cálida la profesora. Faltaría que me den el cierre del curso y el certificado. Gracias!

By Marina S

Jan 5, 2021

There is no opportunity to audit the entire course. One lesson is good but not enough to make a decision to enroll.

By Isabella

Aug 2, 2020

can not submit check the quiz session at lesson 1, do not display programs of all weeks and move to the week that you want to complete beforehand.

By Wita K

Jan 16, 2022

Actually, I have studied this topic in university and I regret how I was late to find this course. A must-enroll course with many benefits and definitely this course will increase knowledge, especially for the one who's studying the English language or literature.

By Naruto K

Oct 27, 2022

The content of this class will really help my carrer.

But, after I complete my quiz (last part of this class), my class still on class. I mean class won't be finished.

By Ana C

Aug 11, 2020

Very good! Thank you so much...

By Samal A

Jun 19, 2020

Very interesting lesson!

By Andrey E V

Oct 14, 2020


By Lorraiine M

Jan 10, 2021

buenisimo! a pesar de ser tan breve, aprendi mucho y la forma de enseñar y explicar es practica y facil de entender...

By Carlos A P L

Sep 18, 2020

Teacher has a very simple and exclusive way to make us understand the course.

By stefania g

Oct 18, 2020

nice summary lesson

By Deleted A

May 19, 2021

just one week?

By aye e s

Feb 22, 2021

I have completed your lesson . Why did not gave certificate?

By Cristina P

Feb 11, 2022

It seems that they created a course but they uploaded each lesson separately as if it were a course in itself. Also once the lesson is complete it says "in progress" which is confusing for the same reason.

Please, can someone answer all the user complaints? I checked and there are quite a few.

Good video quality, good presenter, however it is an extremely simple lesson, maybe some material is missing so that it is really a lesson and not a "tip". Thanks for the good intention anyway.