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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Market Research by Queen Mary University of London

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This course concentrates on the foundations of market research. You will be introduced to the essentials and nature of market research, the research process and the importance of a research proposal. Focus will be devoted to problem formulation, problem solving, research questions and research objectives. The course will be completed with a discussion of ethics on market research. Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to: - Discuss the fundamentals of market research - Reflect on the research process - Formulate research questions and research objectives - Develop a research proposal - Ethics in market research This course is for market research analysts, social media strategists, marketing managers, product managers and market researchers....
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By Baber K

Jun 11, 2023

The first half of the course is badly set up with quizzes that have no question but have multiple choices without anything being asked and no instruction. There is plenty of theory but no practice. There is learning but there is no book so that I had to read several other books on Market research to understand what was happening. The second half of the course is much better but the issue of no question in quizzes remains and the 150 word length is too small with all students writing twice as much. Overall I have to say I did learn some really useful stuff.

By Nguyễn T K O

Jan 15, 2023

Key informant selection errors take place when the interviewers select respondents different than the ones identified in the sampling design or in a manner that is not in concert with the sampling design or is not specified in line with the sampling design. For instance, in order for the interviewer to find adequate numbers of respondents for the sample requirements of customers of a company, product selects and customers that are customers of another  product of the company.

A lot of errors

By Akash R

Mar 21, 2024

Took the course in Mar 2024. There were several errors in the quizzes and the content is rather oddly organized. It's quite ambiguous and the lessons aren't organized in a meaningful way.


Apr 14, 2023

Good Experience

By Kush k

Mar 30, 2024



Jan 9, 2024

Thank you

By Temkin H

Dec 16, 2022


By Danish A

Jan 9, 2023

Distinctive ways of learning. I love this. Everything was out of class. Coursera should add Practical Training sessions with Theory.


Mar 11, 2024


By Kat G

Oct 23, 2023

*Disclaimer: I have only gotten about halfway through the second week so I could be wrong for the second half of the course but this is the reason I won't be finishing it. The core information in this course is indeed beginner-friendly, however, the writing isn't. Maybe it's just because I just finished the Business Writing Specialization from the University Of Colorado Boulder, but the language used is incredibly repetitive and confusing. Many of the quizzes have questions that aren't actually asking anything, they are just statements with multiple vocabulary words. The quizzes also rely far too heavily on memorizing the previous text since it is word for word out of the reading, rather than developing our understanding of the concepts. I suppose this could all very easily just be my own struggles with reading comprehension but ultimately the reason I'm dropping the course is because I thought it would help my professional work and I've learned it doesn't.