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Mathematical Matrix Methods lie at the root of most methods of machine learning and data analysis of tabular data. Learn the basics of Matrix Methods, including matrix-matrix multiplication, solving linear equations, orthogonality, and best least squares approximation. Discover the Singular Value Decomposition that plays a fundamental role in dimensionality reduction, Principal Component Analysis, and noise reduction. Optional examples using Python are used to illustrate the concepts and allow the learner to experiment with the algorithms....

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May 17, 2020

This Course content is very good and has good real-time examples. However, the Instructor should add a few videos on SVD, Maximum dilation, and Shrinkage and Direction of Maximum Dilation.


Aug 16, 2020

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to learn about matrix methods. This is helpful for my career and it is useful to all the beginners.

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By Paul O

Jan 11, 2020

I subscribe to Coursera so I can take as many courses as I like for a monthly fee. There are a lot of excellent courses on Coursera but this isn't one of them. I would be really angry if I had paid specifically for this course. There are issues with the practice quizzes that were pointed out in the discussion forum months ago for which there is still no reply. Staff should at least glance at the forum to see if there are any problems with the course material. The lectures cover the simple ideas, but the harder material is outsourced mostly to and sundry pdf documents. Some of the reading material is a lot more advanced than the course itself.


May 18, 2020

This Course content is very good and has good real-time examples. However, the Instructor should add a few videos on SVD, Maximum dilation, and Shrinkage and Direction of Maximum Dilation.

By Valery M

Jan 23, 2020

Good set of sections and examples, important topics are considered. Peculiar lecture style (unusual for Coursera), but it's ok. It would be a good idea to add a videos to the last module.

I think it was a good practice. Thanks!

By عبدالرحمن م س ا

Mar 8, 2023

Thank you very much

By Taruchit G

Jul 29, 2023

The course topics are very important for Data Science and Machine Learning. However, except for a few resource materials in PDF document, the course does not meet the expectations and standards. The sessions covered seem to be incomplete, the type of questions asked in assignments are totally different as compared to what is being covered. Moreover, the discussion forum is totally non responsive and thus, if one has to complete this course and learn something out of it, then external resources need to fetched and comprehended. Hoped for a much better experience that what I had.

By S. S

Jan 13, 2023

The course is taught interestingly for the first 3 weeks. The course material for week 4 becomes somhow unclear. Then, for the last week, only some readings are suggested, which are not really helpful or relevant to the upcoming questions.

By Agrover112

Dec 24, 2022

All readings are well chosen , and actually helped me understand.

The video quality needs to be improved. Better explanations to some sections could help along with explanations to why answers were right or wrong in Assignments

By Yung-Chuan C

Apr 29, 2020

The python content in this course is almost zero. The only thing I learn useful is the section about "singualr value decomposition" (the only reason why I still give it a 2-star review). However there's no lecture about the topic but two papers to read through. The instructor only contributes to easy matrix stuff in first three weeks and convinently skip the harder content in week 5. The video is not instructive enough. Compare to other courses from Coursera, this course is poor in quality and preparation.

By Daniela R E

Dec 14, 2020

Mentor didn´t give the last class and the "extra" material wasn´t helpful at all.

By Charles M

Jan 14, 2021

Lack of explanation especially for the last two weeks

By Nikos B

Aug 14, 2023

The MOOC is outstanding, and it covers the most important chapters of Linear Algebra for someone who likes to master knowledge in Econometrics, Machine Learning, Image Processing, and classical topics of Operations Research and Optimization. The course is not introductory, which means if you know beforehand Python programming, it helps to understand in depth the material. For the mathematical concepts, it also needs a good background in Linear Algebra and Matrices and general Analytic Geometry, as well as Norms and Inner Products. The material is divided into a sequence of different mathematics courses in short video lectures as a quick revision. The course gives an applied review of specific topics but with challenging exercises. The only drawback is the poor video material, especially in the last week, there is no video lecture and the coding is elementary. Instead, I have studied what I found on the internet in other sources, and I am very satisfied about new things in Machine Learning methods in Matrix Algebra. The course material is just a guideline and it can be found with a similar title: Engineering Mathematics of Information Management or Mechatronics or Economics.

By Dr. A K

May 19, 2020

Thanks to my professor Daniel for your great effort and interesting lecturers. There's interesting things in your course which will help us in our future.

Thanks to University of Minnesota to organized such courses for your students and teachers.

By Mrs.R.Jeevitha A P

Aug 16, 2020

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to learn about matrix methods. This is helpful for my career and it is useful to all the beginners.

By Jefferson C

May 6, 2020

I have learn many ways to solve a lot of problems in Algebra, in easy mode. This Course is usepful and give some tools for your Mathlife.

By Dr. A W K

Jul 26, 2020

Course is well designed and gives application knowledge of matrices and decomlosition of matrix by SVD method.

By Madhyannapu S V D S

Apr 21, 2020

Its a very good experience for me and it helps me to learn new topics and known new matters.

Thank You Coursera.

By Y I

Jun 22, 2020

IN assignment 1 please check the question and choices . all the assignments and tutorial are excellent

By Alexis C V

Sep 1, 2022

This has been a helpful course. I had the chance to learn about practical applications of matrices.

By Reena b m

May 26, 2020

Couresa is very helpful of learning skill about matrix .this is very helpful for me

By Sunil J

Mar 17, 2020

Really its very informative and basic material provided. I enjoyed and learn a lot

By Edson M

Aug 8, 2020

Very good to learn about matrices and/or to remember/refresh previous knowledge.

By Uma J

May 11, 2021

It was a great opportunity to know more abut matrices and their characteristics

By Jayadev D

Jun 1, 2020

Very good course, the questions are really challenging...

By Liam F

Dec 27, 2020

Succinct, informative, efficient. Thank you, Dr. Boley.

By Saloni p

Jun 3, 2020

This course is very informative for matrix