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About the Course

This course is the second course in the specialization about learning how to develop video games using the C++ programming language and the Unreal game engine on Windows or Mac. This course assumes you have the prerequisite knowledge from the previous course in the specialization. You should make sure you have that knowledge, either by taking that previous course or from personal experience, before tackling this course. Throughout this course you'll continue building your foundational C++ and Unreal knowledge by exploring more C++ and Unreal topics. Module 1: Discover how we make decisions in our code Module 2: Get and use player input in your Unreal games Module 3: Learn how to use iteration (looping) to repeat actions in your code Module4: Explore storing lots of data in arrays, C++ containers, and the Unreal TArray<> container...

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By Binary B 3 ( B S

Nov 28, 2022

I'm having a tough time with these courses. The final projects are leaps above the quiz and homework assignments. The difficulty curve makes little sense. There is little to no engagement from the instructor or other students. Instructor will make a discussion prompt 3 months ago, but then never check in to see how the discussion is going or to give any feed back, any feed back that is given is a boilerplate "over 200k students take this class, I can't answer everyone" but then the instructor answers no one when they were the person who asked the question. I feel the biggest weakness of this class is that we are enslaved to the auto grader. So instead of approaching assignments with "here is a problem, lets come up with solutions" it's "here's an incomplete solution to a problem with a scope limited to what can be graded automatically. Use the code I've provided to you and finish they program the way I would" We're not programming or developing. We're adlibbing. I can't say I'm not learning anything. I actually am writing better programs than what the assignments are mandating. Which makes me resent the autograder even more. So I guess, I'm learning despite the course? At this point I don't know if I will continue with this "Concentration". I signed up to learn unreal and the amount of unreal I've actually learned in the 8 weeks since I started, I could have learned in 2 hours. Literally its just spawning teddy bears and clicking on the screen to make it move and pick up stuff. Ain't even animated. There's a pong tutorial for unreal on youtube that's 2 hours. oh, and all the lectures for this and the other 3 courses are already pirated and on youtube. So you don't even need a Coursera account to access this information.

By Jacqueline K

Oct 14, 2022

Dr. T is an amazing instructor! His tutorials are very thorough and his assignments are very well thought out to help you pass the final assignment at the end of each week. Highly recommended for learning C++ and Unreal!!

By Юлія М

Jan 3, 2023

Sincerely recommend this course! I have discovered a lot about C++, really important core knowledge about Unreal Engine. And by the way that was a great experience creating video games.

By John N V M

Apr 24, 2022

instructional videos are engaging, content is good, explainations are thorough, and teacher is fun. 11/10 would rate higher if i could; this guy is awesome.

By Andrew M

Oct 3, 2022

Some of the stuff can be improved by moving to unreal 5

By Anton T

Oct 25, 2022

Больше понравилась разроботка в VS нежели в UE

By Mike P

May 4, 2023

Dr T is a great, engaging teacher, but I was hoping for a lot more discussion on applying C++ to Unreal Engine, as opposed to covering the basics of C++. I'm just starting the fourth class in this specialization, and in my opinion, the first three are about 75 percent learning C++ and 25 percent Unreal Engine.

In this course specifically, most of the Unreal Engine content focused on the input system, but as I write this, UE5.1 has deprecated this system (at some point in the future it will no longer be used), so a lot of this material is no longer relevant.

I would recommend this course to someone who wants to learn more about basic C++ concepts and is also interested in game development, but in terms of using this class as a way to learn or build upon using C++ in Unreal Engine, I personally did not find it very helpful.

By Onassis M

Apr 18, 2023

The order in which they teach things, the depth of what they teach, how your programming skills are used... are inefficient, weird, and poorly organized. The only positive thing about the course is that they test you but they also test you on the wrong things. The course indicates that you should know programming prior to start but then they spend weeks telling you about the most mundane basic things. You will progress infinitely faster, at a greater depth of knowledge, if you use better resources like books found online and free youtube tutorials.