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Learner Reviews & Feedback for NIST CSF by Infosec

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About the Course

This course will help you to build a basic understanding of NIST cybersecurity fundamentals. You will learn about the RMF process and managing risk by identifying, assessing and responding to risk. Additionally, you will learn how to use the framework to assess an organization's cybersecurity risk and the steps to implement or improve a cybersecurity program. The Cybersecurity Framework skill path introduces the framework for improving infrastructure cybersecurity....
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By John B

May 9, 2022

I'm disapointed. This is more of a "books on tape" course. Of course I can read the specifications myself! I don't want someone to just drone an info dump. I realize that the framework is descriptive by nature, but I want prescriptive examples taken from the lecturers real-world experience, even if it is just an idealized scenario walk-through for an admitedly idealized organization. Very few sentances begin with "For example..."

By Kevin M

Aug 15, 2022

The course is content rich but the dry reading of slides that are bascially available on the NIST website does NOT promote learning efficiently. I view this particualr course as a Presenter in a meeting reading the slides (which are cut & pasted from NIST) with the spearkers back to the audience.

I belive this course could be improved in several ways:

1) the videos should be "stage setters" for the content

2) the content is best consumed via reading, not listening.

3) there should be downloadable simple one-pagers to reinforce learning 5/23/97. The spread sheet is dense and takes 16 pages to print the entire CSF reference

3) there are multiple times in each weeks curriculum that your hear "next slide" but the slides do not advance

4) the quizes should be done at the end of each week, not an all or nothing test at week 7

5) the currrent format is unusable on a mobile phone as the slide text is too small

6) this should NOT be a 7 week course. I completed in 2 days. Now I have previous security experience with PCI DSS and ITIL processess so that helped

7) the presentor should not exhaust the informative references everytime as that is easily consumed off the NIST spread sheet

8) I have completed over 10 other Coursera topics and thought that content (mostly Machine Learning) was exceptionally well currated, the videos made sense, the exercises reinforced the learning topic, and the quizes were timely. Many of those courses were presented by Andrew Ng (co-founder of Coursera) and truly a top notch luminary in the AI/ML field. As such, this material is by defintion a bit "dry" and difficult to inspirationally convey this type of material. That being said, reading a list of lists does not promote the power of the Coursera platform

By Joseph L

Dec 10, 2022

The lecturer speaks too fast. Either he makes mistakes or the slide deck needs to be reviewed, because there are some discrepancies.

This is not the kind of material that lends itself well to online learning.

Don't take this course.

By Paolo C

Dec 10, 2021

Bad support slides and a "reader" teacher

By Rodolfo H

Apr 5, 2022

The course is very good, it addresses the concepts in a very detailed way. The knowledge of the teacher is noted.

Although I have experience in NIST 800-30, I learned a lot, I am very comfortable with the knowledge I have acquired. I appreciate the scholarship you have given me.


1) It would be possible to do 4 exams, since the course has approximately 170 Slides / 96 pages. Besides the questions are quite detailed.

a) CSF Component (Core, Tiers and Profiles)

b) Risk Management Frameworks

c) Nist Cybersecurity Frameworks ( Functions, Categories, Sub categories and )

d) 7 Steps CSF Process 2) Some slides are very small (Resource and budget decision making (GAPS)) 3) It would be possible to have a copy of some Resource and budget decision making (GAPS) slides, since there is a lot of experience with them.

By Abdulrahman A A A

Mar 30, 2023



Thank you who contributed to building this course. I benefited from it a lot of valuable information

By Georgia S

Nov 27, 2022

Good overview of the framework.


Apr 3, 2022


By Imad N H

Dec 21, 2021


By Willard

Sep 24, 2022


By Linda B M

Mar 1, 2023

It is an informative course and straightforward course. There are however glitches in the Cybersecurity Framework Core Functions videos as not all the slides are shown with informative references.


May 5, 2022

Very straight forward. Would appreciate a quiz every week to review if we understood the lectures.

By Arturo L A

Oct 1, 2022