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About the Course

Knowing yourself, your team, your manager, and your organization are keys to personal and business success. What were once labeled soft skills are now modern requirements in today's workplace - especially if you are trying to get in the door or are already leading a team. This course is specifically designed for the: -Job Seeker: You will create a usable cover letter with feedback from your peers as well as develop exceptional responses to some of the most common, yet challenging interview questions. We will get you the skills to help get in the door! -Team Member: You will develop an action plan to confront your personality weaknesses and highlight your strengths so you can ace your annual review. We will also cover strategies that will help you uncover your true worth so you can ask with more confidence. We will get you the skills to get ahead! -Manager: You will create an effective action plan for an employee, team, or organization based on your new knowledge of personality types and you will create a 360 degree review plan to better identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will get you the skills to rise above the rest! We will dive deep into the types and teach you how to translate your new knowledge into business success by leveraging personality and emotional intelligence in the workplace - wherever you may be! Join us!...

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Apr 03, 2018

This was a great course to learn more about yourself and others in your workplace. Highly recommend this course for any organization managers that want to create a more effective team atmosphere.


May 06, 2020

I found this course is really helping me to understand myself and to be understand people around me. None is better or wrong, but every personality need to grow more to their best format.

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By Mok K L J

Feb 09, 2017

The course content was slightly repetitive and the information on the Myers-Briggs personality types can be found online. It is such a pity that payment must be made to access the graded coursework, preventing one from completing the course if one chooses not to pay.

By Dmitry G

Feb 24, 2017

It seems that all these types the course is based on are not quite scientifically proven. Also the materials are very pro-american culture like this link Not very helpful and inclusive.

By Anders J

Sep 28, 2018

The course offers a good basic introduction to the different personality types and traits. It is quite heavily centered around job interviews. A more thorough treatment of the different type charactistics would have been preferable but that is perhaps offered in a more advanced course.

By Sophie v G

Jul 08, 2017

A little bit too easy, but interesting!

By S. J W

May 05, 2018

I have learned that MB is only a tool and should never be considered anything else. Team members should take the survey at least twice in the beginning and then again, once a year, before their annual review. Interpreters (supervisors) should never use MB until they become certified and verified practitioners of Myers-Briggs. Untrained and those with minimal knowledge of how MB is interpreted could lead to problems.

I also wonder why MB doesn't have a way to identify the naysayers, luddites, "yes but", anti-everything, negative team members. To some, MB sounds too goodie goodie. We all know that there are always negative, envious, jealous, lazy, unhappy and resentful employees and all the 16 Types are missing something. Just Saying! I have been a supervisor in various venues since 1965, military and higher education predominant. ALL of my student counselors are now required to take this wonderful INTRO course and the best are off to the U.S. to the MBTI Certification program this year.

By Ali I A

Dec 06, 2016

This course has contributed a lot in enhancing my personality at work through:

1-knowing my personality type and hence knowing my weaknesses and try to overcome.

2-knowing others personality traits so finding the optimum way to deal with them.

3-Doing well at any interview by knowing the interviewer personality type and going through answers efficiently .

4-building a balanced and successful team through the four stages forming , norming ,storming and performing.

By Lindsay A D

Apr 03, 2018

This was a great course to learn more about yourself and others in your workplace. Highly recommend this course for any organization managers that want to create a more effective team atmosphere.

By Reitesh R

Sep 10, 2018

It was a great experience learning about different types of personalities, their behaviour, and everything else. Feeling really enriched in terms of knowledge after the course.

By Ed G

Sep 28, 2019

I really liked the content of this class overall. I thought the superhero connection made it fun and relatable. I gave it two stars because of the configuration of the grade center and the amount of time it took to get my grades. I finished in the allotted time but it took several more weeks after to get grades on my assignments. Further more, you only need to do one of the 'options' but the grade center makes it look like you have not completed that week even if you got 100% on the option you chose. I finally did get my course certificate (which I paid for) but it took quite a while. If you're not paying for the certificate or 'need' it in a timely manner, I would suggest taking this course for fun. If you need your grades and certificate to meet a work requirement, you might want to try something else.

By Sujit C

Jul 18, 2017

I am Learning and Development and Instructional Designer Professional. I would like to thank University of Florida for taking up such an important course.

This online program is very effective and excellent. The AV's on Emotional Intelligence is really excellent. The tyre meets the road.

The content straight hits the purpose with application to work. Which is very important.

The assessments of Week 2 - ( Assessment 1 and 3) and Week 3 ( Assessment on 360 degree feedback in relation to Emotional Intelligence and 2 ) is really excellent and a student needs to work very hard on it.

If more details of BIG5 could have been introduced would make the course more informative. AV of BIG 5 would have added more values to the program

The teacher or instructor was excellent. - Thank you Mrs. Toni Ratliff. an excellent work. Expecting more in future

By Shaymaa I

Aug 24, 2020

there is no words can describe my feelings now. this is one of the most useful coarse i have ever taken. it tells you much about your personality and those of the teaches you a lot about yourself, your weaknesses and your strengths . it helps you to develop yourself in your help you to understand the others and teaches you how you deal with people according to their personality . it is very useful and i recommended for any ambitious person wants to develop his life, his skills and personality. thnx so much

By Gordian R K

Sep 17, 2020

The Personality Types at Work course helps the learners to become better persons by beginning to recognise their type strengths and starting to work on overcoming their weaknesses. Learners will also begin to view and understand others through new lenses of personality types and preferences, resulting in wonderful synergetic relationships in life and at work. Ms. Toni Ratliff, the course Instructor, does a terrific job gently steering learners through difficult concepts. Thank you Ms. Ratliff!

By Ramanuj s

Apr 09, 2020

This is a wonderful course. As a Training manager in company, I really needed this course and believe it this course has fulfilled me beyond my expectation. Not only it helped me understanding the different personality, but also helped me to improve Annual review and salary discussion skills too. I really am thankful to Coursera and University of Florida for such a wonderful program. I would like to keep learning from this platform.

By Ashraf A A A

May 24, 2020

This has been one of the most amazing courses I have done. The content and the instructor approach are super and the way of delivery and assessments were really of great. An only minor thing is the lengthy peer-graded assessments. The course has added to my knowledge and skills alot indeed. Thanks to Coursera and the amazing INTJ instructor!!

By Anna N

Aug 31, 2020

The course perfectly combines psychological knowledge with its application in the work environment. It provides a variety of forms of gaining knowledge, from videos through to quizzes and written assignments. The lecturer's voice is soft and warm and her kindness makes it even easier to acquire new skills.

By Vikas P

Jun 23, 2020

We work hard and harder day after day, week after weeks and year after years without understanding the importance of knowing personality types and managing people accordingly. This course is an eye opener with respect to being emotionally intelligent, managing and leading people.'Together is better'

By Edcyl L O S

Aug 31, 2020

I like this course although there were a lot of peer reviews because it helped me gain a lot of confidence when it comes to writing my assignments and also in reviewing other people's works. I was also able to reflect on my personality and all my accomplishments and goals in life. Thank you.

By Poornima P K

Dec 31, 2019

This course is good if the purpose of joining the course is to identify/better understand your personality type and that of your team/group mates. It helps in planning/organizing your long-term plans at your workplace. Needs time for understanding the underlying concepts, thought and reading.

By Maxime V

Aug 13, 2019

The Personality Types at Work course is a fun and interactive course. We learn about ourselves, others and people in general through a fun and practical ways using heroes (fictional characters), but also colleagues and famous people. And of course, we learn a lot about the MBTi.

By Deepa. M

Dec 05, 2016

I really liked the course , it is simple, easy to understand and the learning are huge. After taking the course i came to know my positive and the side were in need to work on to improve myself. I thank the course facilitator for designing such a wonderful course. Thank you.

By Leigh C

Jan 03, 2020

I loved the interaction and also the ability to have employees participate in the personality tests - it helped me to have a better understanding of each of them. I highly recommend this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

By Julien F

Sep 01, 2017

An amazing course! A must do for everyone evolving in a professional environment and interested in learning about the different types of personalities and how to leverage their strengths & handle their weaknesses.

By Jessice-Leigh V D M

Oct 24, 2019

Toni is an exceptional teacher and the interactive way and assignments to complete this course made it much easier to learn then the standard theory only approach. Thank you I am ready to apply this in real life!

By Nanette E K

Jun 28, 2020

Just by the course title you can tell there is rich knowledge to be shared. The instructor is warm but accurate in her delivery. There's much to learn on soft skills and this is the introductory course to take.


Jun 06, 2018

Amazing course! I enjoyed every moment of it! very useful for any job you do, at any level you are, practical even for your daily life with family and friends apart from work! Highly recommend it to all