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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to R Programming and Tidyverse by University of Colorado Boulder

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About the Course

This course is a gentle introduction to programming in R designed for 3 types of learners. It will be right for you, if: • you want to do data analysis but don’t know programming • you know programming but aren’t familiar with R • you know some R programming but want to learn the tidyverse verbs You will learn to do data visualization and analysis in a reproducible manner and use functions that allow your code to be easily read and understood. You will use RMarkdown to create nice documents and reports that execute your code freshly every time it’s run and that capture your thoughts about the data along the way. This course has been designed for learners from non-STEM backgrounds to help prepare them for more advanced data science courses by providing an introduction to programming and to the R language. I am excited for you to join me on the journey! The course logo was created using images of stickers from the RStudio shop. Please visit

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By Cynthia M

Nov 22, 2022

It is possible to get a basic understanding of R through this course, but requires a lot of reading on the part of the student. The short videos were very helpful to explain specific ideas; the course would have benefitted from more videos and walk-throughs of solutions to exercises in the text. Throughout the course, the student is asked to complete exercises in the text but there are no solutions offered in either the text or the video, except for a couple of times towards the end of the course. Seeing the coding solutions and examples are necessary as a learner. If you struggle with developing a code that works and don't have a live instructor to ask or email questions to, the student must rely on web searches to find coding solutions. If you are going to offer a course that has no live instruction or support, you need to provide more coding examples that can be referenced after the student tries on their own.

By Adam S

Oct 8, 2022

I like the peer reviews for the most part. I wish that the assignments submitted by fellow students would open into the online lab area instead of downloading. Many of the students submit screen shots are other potentially harmful files that I do not want to download and risk running on my computer. Although I'm careful with what I download, it still exposes my personal device to unnecessary risks.

By Emily C M

Nov 2, 2022

Very good course for first time R learners. Challenging but doable with some determination and attention to detail.

By Hossein M

Oct 4, 2022

It was great to learn all this stuff together!