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About the Course

The fourth course in the Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate — Reports, Dashboards, and Customer Success in Salesforce — is for anyone who is curious about entry level sales roles that require foundational skills in Salesforce, the sales operations specialist role specifically, how to use tools in Salesforce to improve customer service at a business, how to leverage data in Salesforce to improve the overall performance of a sales team, and the path to becoming a Salesforce administrator. This fourth course goes into more depth on how a sales operations specialist would use Salesforce Service Cloud to support a variety of different customer service needs. You will learn the basics of effective customer support, and you will leverage a variety of new tools available in the Salesforce Service Cloud to effectively manage customer relationships. This course also goes into more depth on how a sales ops specialist would use Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to support a variety of needs from a sales team manager to track, improve, and forecast the overall performance of a sales team. You will learn how to use filters to produce custom reports in Salesforce, and then discover how to visualize that data effectively through the use of charts and dashboards.  For this course, it is recommended (but not required) that you have some background knowledge of sales and CRM, as well as an understanding of the basics of Salesforce platform navigation. If you're a total beginner with these concepts, you can still be successful in this course — however, it might require some additional work on your part. By enrolling in this course, you are taking the next step to kickstarting your career in Salesforce. Congratulations on continuing this exciting journey!...

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Mar 9, 2023

This is an interesting course, my favorite part is Dashboard, it helps in visualizing your data at a glance. I love it! Thank you Coursera.


Sep 21, 2022

very informative and loaded with great materials. You learn alot and get a good understanding of tools within salesforce.

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By Will T

Jun 24, 2021

This certificate was a fantastic way to get acclimated to the fundamentals of Salesforce and CRM. The practical learning experiences in this course: guided projects, independent projects (portfolio-creation), and Salesforce Trailhead Badge completion really enhanced the learning and made it more engaging. I now have a valuable and tangible skillset to add to my repertoire as I pivot to more of a digital role that requires basic marketing and sales knowledge. Thanks!

By Adebukola k

Mar 10, 2023

This is an interesting course, my favorite part is Dashboard, it helps in visualizing your data at a glance. I love it! Thank you Coursera.

By Daniel P

Jul 23, 2021

nice course! indeed, it fully covers the Dashboards and report on SF, using the Trailhead SF training

By Brandon R

May 6, 2022

Kudos to the Pathstream Team for creating the learning materials in this class! Their materials are very helpful and provide excellent background information to someone who might not be familiar with Sales and Business Operations and how Salesforce can benefit them. The supplemental reading material, links and videos are useful and worthy of bookmarking for future reference. I also enjoyed the integration with the Salesforce Trailhead modules. The last module was buggy, but this is not the fault of Pathstream.

It would be helpful if there was better feedback on the exams in regards to why an answer was incorrect, as opposed to simply referring to the learning section where the answer can be probably be found. Another small complaint is that the google presentation slides could not be downloaded for learners who might want to refer back to this information.

Lastly, I can see how Pathstream can provide more personalized training on this subject. Maybe they should consider a discount to those of us who obtained the certificate in Coursera.

By Nwaulu B N

Aug 28, 2021

Excellent! It was like a real world to me. I will keep engaging on my own on reports and dashboards practices

By Noel T

Oct 5, 2021

The most abstract portion of the certificate so far, but the delivery made all the difference.

By Philip L

Jan 26, 2022

Very well designed course!

By Leslie C

Aug 15, 2023

Not enough guided projects, independent projects or Trailhead badge projects. Too much reading not enough doing.

By Sławomir K

Jul 25, 2023

Trailhead Badge verification at Coursera Lab doesn't work in 2nd and 4th week of this course and it's very frustrating because Trailblazer modules were done.

By Sourabh N

Jun 25, 2023

Corsura Reports, Dashboards, and Customer Success in Salesforce have revolutionized my data management and analysis within my business. The reporting capabilities offered by Corsura are exceptional, allowing me to generate customizable reports that provide comprehensive insights into various aspects of my business operations. Navigating the user-friendly interface is a breeze, and I can easily delve into the details I need. Additionally, the visually appealing and customizable dashboards provide real-time snapshots of key performance indicators, empowering me to make informed decisions across sales, marketing, and customer support.

What sets Corsura apart is its dedication to customer success. The integration of customer success features within Salesforce enables me to understand customer behavior, anticipate needs, and take proactive measures to foster stronger relationships. With the ability to track interactions, measure satisfaction, and receive alerts for potential churn risks, Corsura has significantly improved my customer retention rates. The seamless integration with Salesforce, reliable performance, and excellent support from the Corsura team further enhance the overall experience.

In summary, Corsura Reports, Dashboards, and Customer Success in Salesforce have transformed my data management and empowered my decision-making. The exceptional reporting capabilities and visually appealing dashboards provide valuable insights, while the customer success features have strengthened my relationships with customers. If you're looking to enhance your Salesforce experience and gain deeper operational insights, I highly recommend Corsura.

By Manuel C

Jan 7, 2023

El mejor de los 4 cursos dentro del certificado. Te presentan la manera de realizar los Dashboards de manera fácil. Te muestra mucha de las caracteristicas que podemos obtener de Salesforce.

By Megan E O

Sep 22, 2022

very informative and loaded with great materials. You learn alot and get a good understanding of tools within salesforce.

By Joshua O

Jun 5, 2022

Amazing, proud and happy for the new skilss I've gained, looking forward to utilizing them.

By Luis C

Feb 3, 2022

Increíbles prácticas para quienes empezamos desde cero y estamos cambiando de carrera

By Johnpaul C O

Oct 22, 2022

Knowledge packed course, Thank you Coursera.

By Juan A B

Nov 6, 2023

Very well explained, clear and practical

By Gokul P

Sep 22, 2021

Highly recommended and an amazing course

By Prajakta R K

Oct 7, 2022

thanks..for providing great knowledge.

By Dharmesh U

Sep 23, 2021

Fantastic, a super comprehensive course

By Sam R

Jan 28, 2022

Very Thorough and extremely helpful!!

By Mike S

Jan 3, 2023

Awesome course. Highly recomend.

By Mabel U N

Dec 26, 2022

Very interesting and educative.

By Yasmin B

Aug 24, 2022

This course was very helpful.

By kido R

Jun 14, 2023

Must have advance ones more.

By chinthaka w

Sep 6, 2023