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Learners who complete Science of Exercise will have an improved physiological understanding of how your body responds to exercise, and will be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact your health and training. You will explore a number of significant adjustments required by your body in order to properly respond to the physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional considerations, causes of muscle soreness & fatigue, and the effectiveness and dangers of performance enhancing drugs. Active learning assessments will challenge you to apply this new knowledge via nutrition logs, heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index (BMI). Finally, learners will examine the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise including the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression, and dementia....

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Oct 3, 2020

An exceptionally great course. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to the organizers for making these as easy and simple as possible. Now I can live a more healthy lifestyle with the principles learned!


Apr 14, 2020

Love everything about this course. Nice module. Professor is really nice. However, I need to learn further about weight training (Pros, cons , etc). Looking forward to attend in weight training class.

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By Isaac D A

May 12, 2018

The course is well structured but at some point it gets very repetitive and it feels it put more stress on certain activities like endurance training.

Beside that, I really didn't like that I couldn't take the tests to check my understanding without purchasing the course. Either It should be noted at the begging of the course that my options are limited or it should be allowed me to test my self even if I don't what to buy the course.

By Bryce P

Dec 31, 2018

Awesome course! very satisfying. One critique is the outdated nutritional information (ie american food guide pyramid) It would be nice to see the aknowledgment of new research in the areas of nutrition (ie saturated fats don't cause heart disease and cholesterol isn't a bad thing)

By Genina T L

Jun 25, 2019

This course would have received 5 stars from me, but I did not like the whole Peer Review part. I do not think it is fair to have us grade each other's work. I felt uncomfortable doing so as I think everyone learns differently and I did paid for the course so I am serious to learn it. I also think that everyone thinks differently to grade others. Their opinion is not necessarily the correct one. The Rubric should be known BEFORE we submit our assignment and should be graded by an instructor or not at all.

By Erik L

Jun 30, 2020

THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS! Do not take this course until you have at least an intermediate understanding of biochemistry.

By Vasudevan

May 30, 2020

This course was very informative and had a good approach. The course design kept me motivated through out the time to complete it. I am thankful to Dr. Robert Mazzeo for providing a wonderful course.

By Michaela B

Mar 7, 2019

It was an excellent experience and I have learned a lot. It helped me to understand my body even better, especially since I am regularly exercising as well. I can highly recommend it.

By Natalie W

Apr 25, 2018

I'm a nutricionist from Chile. Always felt like something was missing in my carreer because we were lacking more accurate information about exercise and its use in therapy.

Also, this teacher completely knows whta he is doing. He knows what to teach and how to do it, teaching really actualized information.

Thank you so much fr allowing me this oportunity to learn from him!

By G.Balaji V R

Apr 25, 2020

I found this course to be very enjoyable and interesting. I was into fitness prior joining this course, I found it really helpful to learn the mechanisms behind endurance and strength training.

By Ravindranath. B K

Sep 4, 2017

A very good course for all students of any age. The knowledge of exercise will help in daily life. Moreover to remain fit exercise and its advantages are explained in easy and suitable manner.

By Michal M

Jun 18, 2020

Essential course that should be mandatory for everyone (along with the Learning how to Learn course).

Exercise is good for our brain and also greatly contributes to overall health and lifespan.

First World problem is that we live a sedentary lifestyle...

Key takeaways:

-while it takes about 8 weeks to fully adapt your body to training programs, the effects are reversed within 6 weeks by inactivity which results in return to baseline

-if you'd like to loose fat do aerobic (endurance activities ~ exercise 10min or longer) because: doing sprints can lead to injury when not properly trained or warmed up; and more importantly you'll be burning blood glucose, creatine Phosphate and ATP only.. but no fat will be utilized.

-our body stores 5x as much fat as CHO (carbohydrates)

-VO2 max is the body’s ability to use oxygen; it indicates how well it is being utilized [ml/kg/min]

-Increasing VO2max also reduces the daily workload for the heart.


You really should find an exercise that you enjoy and will do regularly; or at least commute to work by bike or walking...

By Tércio A

May 28, 2018

It is a great course that will summarize information about exercise, physiological systems, metabolism and adaptations after training. Excellent video lectures and articles recommended.

By Mohit B

Sep 12, 2020

It is a very great course. This course taught me many great things about the human body like how the body responses to exercise and nutrition. What, when, how we should do exercise and take nutrition.

By Lisa M

Oct 16, 2020

Totally enjoyed this course. It was informative and helped me to understand how my body works so that i can adapt my training and those in my family so we can live a much better life style. Thank you

By Neeranart T

Apr 15, 2020

Love everything about this course. Nice module. Professor is really nice. However, I need to learn further about weight training (Pros, cons , etc). Looking forward to attend in weight training class.

By Marc A G

Sep 20, 2017

This course is very well designed. It provides lots of information and always scientifically proven. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to go deep into the science of exercise.

By Ronald R

Jul 28, 2020

Information is good; the instructor is of course knowledgeable. However, the instructor's teaching style is inadequate. He is dryly reading from a teleprompter without much skill. He speaks in a monotone. And worse, his script is formal without enlivening as if he is reading from a textbook. Again, the information is solid. But for this medium, it's woefully not ready for prime time. I had rather read a textbook than listen to someone lifelessly read one to me.

By Bamidele J O

Oct 4, 2020

An exceptionally great course. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to the organizers for making these as easy and simple as possible. Now I can live a more healthy lifestyle with the principles learned!

By Dorothy H

Sep 21, 2017

I'll give you a synopsis:

Exercise is important for healing with all sorts of problems.

There you go. :D

In short - a bit too simplistic for practitioners and a bit too medically based for regular folk.

By Mike B

Sep 10, 2017

This is an excellent course for all people, not just for those involved in exercise. Don't be put off by the science, there is much basic knowledge on muscle type, nutrition, endurance/ intense exercise and health benefits that you can learn. This will be of great benefit to all ages especially those in middle age who see themselves as beyond exercise. As a retired person I have learned many things from the course that are making me change my lifestyle habits and beginning to feel better for it.

By A R

Feb 1, 2019

Lectures are very informative , really good for the knowledge at basic level. Thank you Professor for such a wonderful course. Highly recommended.

By Veda A

Jan 4, 2019

Very informational and well explained. Deep understandings for me as a yoga practicionar

By Julien B

Jan 31, 2019

The teacher is very clear and the course very structured.


Apr 12, 2020

The Science of Exercise was explained in a very intuitive and easy way that was easily understandable.

I really liked the quiz section as it also helped in a way of summarizing the whole module.

By Yashodhara P

Oct 9, 2017

A very well structured and informative course. The videos are sort and cover relevant topics with schematics and graphics that are easy to understand. Assignments are well rounded. Key concepts related to exercise, weight loss, muscle toning and metabolism have been effectively explained.

I have studied physiology and Nutrition, and I am now a certified Yoga teach and personal trainer. This course beautifully augments my skill set and is relevant to my field.

Overall an excellent course and would recommend this to other people.

By Lisa J M

May 2, 2020

I found it challenging but thoroughly enjoyed gaining a deeper insight to the science of exercise. I think a few more examples would allow for deeper understanding. Highly recommend this course. Thank you.