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Software Defined Networking, Princeton University

About this Course

In this course, you will learn about software defined networking and how it is changing the way communications networks are managed, maintained, and secured....
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7 Reviews

By saud moh

Oct 29, 2017

I know the instructor, h's genius , Super power course too.

I hope he added research keys in the course

specially for PhD students, and some industrial

related topics like David Bombal.

By salvador estran

Aug 08, 2017

Very good and usefull

By Harsha Girish Chandra

Jun 19, 2017

There is no response as to when the course will be started. It would be better to de-list the course and make it available when they are ready. Keeping moving the starting date is not the right way to go

By Don Thomas Jacob

Dec 08, 2016

This course is not on since - Enrolled and waiting since October 2016. Check forums

By paul1n

Nov 22, 2016

Shume kot

By Sandeep Kumar Mittal

Sep 02, 2016

Wireless SDN should also be included in great depth or a new course should be launched.

By sushant raj

Aug 09, 2016

I have done this course halfway last time due to some time constraints.But this course will provide you the base for SDN.I would say one of the best courses on Networking