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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Server side JavaScript with Node.js by NIIT

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About the Course

Have you ever wondered how you are able to do net banking or book a ticket online? Which technology is adopted for applications used in different businesses? Backend technology acts as a backbone to every web application. It typically includes all services, data interfaces and their core business logic. This course will introduce you to the Node.js environment and help you design and develop backend or server-side of the application. It also provides you with hands on coding exercises and will enable you to build JavaScript programs and test and execute them in the Node.js environment....

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Jun 29, 2022

This is course very great & it help me alot in understanding Node.js fundamentals.


Jul 1, 2022

Very nice course...assignments are really tough which is good

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By Sawyer R

Jun 17, 2022

Course had material that was not well documented and confusing. Very hard to understand and took a lot of extra steps just to figure out how to write a few lines of code the way they would accept it. (Example 1: Calories in a calorie tracker project were defined as being (x) calories/1 hour, but the project inputted (x) calories/30 mins.) (Example 2: Area calculator project defined a square with a width and height of 5 and checked for the answer of 20. {5X5 DOES NOT EQUAL 20.}) Overall the course honestly seemed like it was quickly made to be an easy cash grab for its price. Not worth it.

By Nauman A

Jun 29, 2022

Practice excercises were confusing and not clear about the desired task to be achieved.

Most of the quizzes have several typos.

By Edwin P

Apr 27, 2022

grade tests of first week are ambiguos and a waste of time. I need to practice my JS skill and not my problem statement understanding

By Jawwad R

Jul 2, 2022

Very nice course...assignments are really tough which is good

By Muhammadd J

Nov 28, 2022

The assignments descriptions are so much ambiguous. Theory part is okay but code explanation is not good

By Renate v d B

Oct 11, 2022

Lots of mistakes, and very confusing assignments.

By Danial P

Jul 1, 2022

I am super happy that I have completed this course. I have enjoyed it a lot. This course is really awesome because it gives you knowledge about the JavaScript from basic to advance level by going deep in the concepts. I am lucky and grateful that I have completed the course. Thank you.

By Irfan S A

Jun 30, 2022

This is course very great & it help me alot in understanding Node.js fundamentals.

By Jeet S

Nov 26, 2022

Very good course. its fun to learn.

By maruf b

Mar 1, 2023

great course

By iqran k

Jul 3, 2022


By Waqas R

Jul 1, 2022

Very well organized and to the point course. Equally helpfull for newbies in javascript and mid level people.

By Vijay k y

Feb 12, 2023

Great Course

By Abdullaev E N U

Mar 30, 2023

There is no any support for learners .... in the assignment section everyone is facing the same problem but there's no any response which is very annoying. I decided to unenroll the course.

By Ifza G

Dec 2, 2022

There is no reading material only videos which are short, to the point. It was difficult to finish this course, because I had no prior knowledge about this. So, I had to read a lot of material in order to understand.

By Dale C

Mar 20, 2023

Don't waist you time with this unless you want to watch the videos. The course has a number of problems regarding grading and the author is unresponsive.


Feb 13, 2023

Enunciados dos problemas mal escritos e mal formulados, fórum abandonado, perguntas nove meses sem respostas, não perca o seu tempo.

By Abdullah B T

Nov 23, 2022

programming assignments are at the peak of absurdity. I hope production level programming isnt even 1% of what this mess is :(

By Saifullah A

Dec 4, 2022

The worst course on this universe.