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About the Course

Have you ever wondered what it would take for humans to travel beyond the comforts of our home planet, Earth? You are invited to join us in Space Medicine - an online experience facilitated by two recent Duke graduates in which you will learn about and engage in the most pressing medical challenges facing NASA and others advancing the future of space exploration. Space Medicine is a free, non-certificate course featuring interactive modules and weekly live discussions. Participants will reflect on questions pertinent to the future of human health in space, such as: - How do humans respond to extreme environments? - How can engineers, doctors, and scientific researchers come together to prevent space related health issues before they occur? - If future generations of humans attempt to live in space, what challenges will they face? - Which evolutionary adaptations to living on Earth are useful to surviving a months- or years-long voyage? No prior experience in science or medicine is required, as life science concepts will be introduced as necessary. At the end of the course, you will have gained valuable experience in applying modern medicine to space-based situations, from space flight to journeying to Mars....

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Sep 23, 2022

I think it was very good as an introduction to space medicine. At the end of the course it would be good to have a few pointers on where to go next or suggestions to a couple of things to read next


Apr 10, 2022

Very helpful and in depth introduction to Space Medicine and areas of it that are relevant to know about when considering this as a career choice. Thank you for making this available for everyone.

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By Aleksandra F

Dec 21, 2021

I would like to know how can we get Certificate of completion? Thank you

By Paul W

Jan 23, 2022

The course is a great introduction because it starts from the basics and slowly builds up to more complex ideas. Great for me with no familiarity with medicine. Also, the instructors work hard to make it engaging with animations, physics demos, and even jokes to keep the material engaging. I just wish I was able to have joined the live version - but maybe I'll be able to join the other ones the instructor has mentioned in an email.

By Gavriil M

Jan 19, 2022

You can’t say that you know about Space Medicine without the Space Medicine of this course! Wonderful instructors that are really helping you learn about all the hard topics and challenges of medicine in space missions with such an easy way. This is a unique learning experience from Duke University and Coursera.

By Dr R P

Jan 29, 2022

This is probably the best beginners guide to space medicine explained in a simple and easy to grasp way for the regular non expert person. The time commitment is very low so it can fit in anyone's schedule. It also hosts some of the best teachers I have ever heard

Highly recommended!!

By Elena I G

Mar 14, 2022

I really liked this course and I learned a lot of very interesting things that I never thought about before the course.

It was informative and the lectures were very knowledgeable.

I would like to have if possible a continuation of this course.

By Georgios N

Apr 14, 2022

Thank you for this great course. I wait for the improved version (with degree option). Keep up the good work!

By Maxim B

Jan 6, 2022

Learned about space, found out I couldn't be an astronaut, continued learning about space.

By Marco F

Feb 5, 2022

Exceptional ! but no reason to not having a certiicate

By Nuzzy S

Mar 29, 2022

This course is incredibly engaging and managable. If you don't have much time to watch the videos, a simple 30-40 minute block should be enough to immerse yourself in the world of Space Medicine, and finish the shorter videos. The longer videos involving speakers were a bit tougher to fit into my schedule, but nothing quite got in the way. The videos are presented in a way that is very understandable and approachable for anyone willing to learn the details of Space Medicine, regardless of prior knowledge. I highly recommend this course and hope to delve deeper into the world of Space Medicine soon.

By Jim G

Jul 15, 2022

Thank you very much for this fascinating course. You have inspired me to undertake further studies in this field. The videos were first rate, the interviews insightful and enthralling and the presenters / developers of the course enthusing and personable. Awesome work, Duke. More of the same please.

Jim Godman, UK Space Agency.

By Juan D

Apr 28, 2022

Space medicine course is excellent.Like they say is never too late to lear. I am physician,84 yrs.old. and with this course i have learn many things that i had no idea about. i highly recommend course to everyone whether interested in space medicine or not.

By Lauri H

Mar 6, 2022

Compact, yet informative course combining many different aspects of science, including astronomy, biology, medicine, physics and engineering. Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in space sciences and the future of human exploration.

By David D

Apr 10, 2022

An excellent introduction to some of the medical issues related to traveling , working and living off earth. The videos were kept short and attractive with various inserts to keep them dynamc. Bravos to the two presenters!

By Sheida R

Apr 11, 2022

Very helpful and in depth introduction to Space Medicine and areas of it that are relevant to know about when considering this as a career choice. Thank you for making this available for everyone.

By Dwyer R

Mar 14, 2022

This was a fantastic course overviewing some of our greatest challenges that lie ahead in the frontier of manned space travel. I am eager to work in the field in the near future!

By Katharine G

Jan 18, 2022

Interesting overview of Space medicine with some good introductions to the major considerations for human presence in flight and in space.

By Jo A

Jul 4, 2022

Learned a lot of cool information and it was easy to follow and understand! Would recommend this course to anyone interested in space!

By Elena Z

Aug 11, 2022

This course provided a very basic, simply explained introduction to space medicine. One of the few courses available & worth the time!

By Dr M M

Jul 2, 2022

It's a comprehensive and accurately designed introductory level coure good for a refresher or to pique your interest

By Joseph P

Apr 12, 2023

A really fantastic introduction to what every astronaut and scientist must know as we start to move off-Earth.

By Hossein A

May 25, 2022

I think it's a rapid overview of what you need to know as a baseline for space medicine

By Selvasamyuktha P

Aug 25, 2022

really a useful course personally i learn beyond the earth that life in space too


Dec 8, 2021

Thanks for all information! Best course!

By Debapriya M

Dec 29, 2021

Very informative and interactive

By Payam G

Aug 10, 2022

Very enjoyable course, introducing me to new topics in preparation for my next move into a career in Aerospace medicine as well as raising some thought-provoking questions about Martian medcine and the future of human space exploration. Easy to complete alongside a busy medical job.