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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python by IBM

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About the Course

Working knowledge of SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a must for data professionals like Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Engineers. Much of the world's data resides in databases. SQL is a powerful language used for communicating with and extracting data from databases. In this course you will learn SQL inside out- from the very basics of Select statements to advanced concepts like JOINs. You will: -write foundational SQL statements like: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE -filter result sets, use WHERE, COUNT, DISTINCT, and LIMIT clauses -differentiate between DML & DDL -CREATE, ALTER, DROP and load tables -use string patterns and ranges; ORDER and GROUP result sets, and built-in database functions -build sub-queries and query data from multiple tables -access databases as a data scientist using Jupyter notebooks with SQL and Python -work with advanced concepts like Stored Procedures, Views, ACID Transactions, Inner & Outer JOINs through hands-on labs and projects You will practice building SQL queries, work with real databases on the Cloud, and use real data science tools. In the final project you’ll analyze multiple real-world datasets to demonstrate your skills....

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May 20, 2020

Amazing course for beginners! The entire course is well structured and has good hands-on assignments. SQL is extremely essential for Database management and fun learning so please do try this one out!


Aug 25, 2022

I am thankful to coursera for providing database and sql for data science course in such a way that anyone can

understand the basic fundamental of sql and database. I learn a lot from this course.

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By Laxmi Y

Jul 19, 2019

it is a great course for beginners who wants to have an understanding of Database concepts and hands on experience as well


Nov 14, 2023

I learned so very much about SQL and feel so much more confident about what I know about SQL!

By Deni R

Dec 10, 2023

Best Course of all 6 I've completed, simply amazing. Much better than 5 courses before.

By Juan A

Mar 24, 2019

Amazing. The difficult in the SQL is very good to make you think in real life problems.

By ruhul a

Apr 10, 2020

its a must skill for everyone into data science field

By Jorge G V M

May 29, 2023

Mu buenoo

By Jose E

Jan 2, 2024

It was a create course! My only downside with this course was the python part, i felt like it wasnt clear enough and i had to investigate on my own for a couple hours to be able to pass trough that python part. About the other parts (SQL, Usage of PHPAdmin, Usage of IBM DB) it is really clear and all the laboratories are so usefull to understand all crystal clear!

By Cee G B

Jan 27, 2020

Videos were good length but automated voice-over, learned SQL in the context of their proprietary Db2 database. To their credit, the lectures were fairly short but contained enough information to take notes and learn SQL, and I finished the course in a short period of time. They don't babble which is nice.

By Duy N

Jul 1, 2018

The course is very helpful and easy to understand. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because learners had to deal with many technical issues which were not relevant to the study, while doing labs and assignment. The upside is I guess it is part of shaping the right learning attitude. Many thanks!

By Rahi J

Oct 19, 2020

Was very comfortable in first two weeks, third week is when advance topic was introduced and I couldn't grasp it. I think this course should've continued concentrating on SQL, as the topics and functions are vast for SQL.

By Thana P

Jul 20, 2018

Good course with practical exercise, however some problem on lab exercise connection

By Hailu K

Jul 24, 2021

I find the way that homework is submitted very inconvenient. For example, sometime I would need to take a screenshot of both my SQL queries and results, but the way that the panels are aligned on ibm db2 is very rigid that it's hard to put everything into one screen. Also, sometimes we are asked to write several queries but screenshoot to submit only one of them, but in grading the submission one of the grading criteria asks about other queries that was not asked to screenshoot and upload.

In one word, the logistics of this course took me almost as much time as I spent on learning the materials.

By Lawrence T

Feb 6, 2021

Not the best Coursera course I have ever taken, but not the worst either. I found the videos/instruction informative but dull. I read a lot of reviews about this course of people saying that they had problems with IBM Db2, content complexity, and other technical challenges. Did not run into any of that at all. All the technical aspects of interacting with the IBM Cloud are explained in detail, and it is not that difficult in the first place. My only real complaint is the lack of notes/course materials to reference outside of the video instruction.

By Darryl L

Dec 24, 2020

This course does a good job at introducing SQL and use of Jupyter notebooks for database connections. However, the amount of time wasted struggling with the IBM DB2 cloud platform rendered my efforts less than productive. It appears from the forum that other students were running up against the same issues. Please, instructors, have a look and determine what the problems are (and solutions) so that the students' time is better spent.

By Vimal O

Nov 9, 2021

On overall IBM data science professional certificate track: Pros: Content is just good enough, instructors are good. Cons: IBM watson and the platform given to practise on is awful and has terrible performance and reliability issues, most often doesnt work and had an impact on my test deliverables. I personally overcame those issues to some extent with kaggle's and google colab jupyter notebook environments.

By Hizniye I B

Jul 15, 2021

Content wise it's good but it has a lot of technical issues where it took not just me but a lot of other participants a lot of time to deal with. Maybe it would be great to learn SQL and run it from your own machine and not from the IBM cloud - that caused us a lot of headache. :( Otherwise - great course!

By Chris G

Dec 17, 2020

This course OK. The problem is the IBM tools. I frequently have problems with the IBM side not responding. The DB2 cloud app seems like it is frequently having issue. Today I am getting a 502 error so I'm wasting a lot of time not getting things done.

By Alula M

Jan 7, 2019

The lectures were confusing at first, because the syntax in the lectures did not exactly match the syntax for the assignments (though this issue went away in subsequent weeks).

More exercises would've been nice.

In all, a decent course.

By Gokhan A

Dec 5, 2023

Course was really good but i received a lot of errors while practising with labs and db2. I think somebody really needs to look at instructions esp. for the ones want to practise with jupiter notebook using pyhton 3

By Jig98ra

Mar 22, 2019

Guidance is not sufficient. Questions are not answered as needed.

By Seren K A

Dec 21, 2020

Lots of not working stuff in there and it is confusing

By Emanuel B

Nov 18, 2022

I think this was one of the most helpful things to learn things about the job and I feel like i was learning really useful things that I will implement at future jobs. But it was really confusing to follow instructions. I have not too much problems at reading english, but only if it's written or talk without a lot of mistakes . As i'm not a english native speaker, I found the spelling mistakes and syntax errors of the exercises really confusing, same thing for the videos.

I learned a lot principally from external sources, but I enjoyed the exercises and exams. I had to read a lot of different websites to understand what I was doing (really thankful to the SQLBolt website) .

Gladly I ended up with a 100% calification, and i'm very happy as I didn't even know what SQL was but I find that the videos are very short and not useful.

My recommendations is to read the notebooks, read outside sources to learn about the concepts, and to don't spent too much time to understand the videos before first searching about those things at google. For example, at first week i highlly recommend to learn from the turorials of SQLBolt and W3. Later I recommend some outside guides on how to use MySQL in python, and SQL .

Also if you, like me, didn't had a IBM Cloud account, jump to every (optional) exercises and do the exercises in Jupyter Notebooks.

Thanks to all and sorry for my english, I hope you the best and to learn a lot of useful experience from the courses.

By Jacob H

Oct 22, 2023

The course has great potential but is lacking in a few critical areas. 1. The course never provided login credentials for the IBM database that contains the practice environment for SQL / Python. I had to jump through hoops to access the files on my own in SQL/Jupyter Notebook. This was very frustrating and probably doubled the time the hands on labs took. I reached out to the support team but never received an answer. 2. The course doesn't go into enough depth with Python. The majority of the Python exercises were just using Python to run SQL queries where Python wasn't really necessary.

By Inigo D

Nov 24, 2021

The material covered in the course is very interesting and has a lot of potential, however the course itself (especially the labs) is not curated at all. I, alongside multiple students as I have observed in the forums, have faced countless bugs when attempting the labs. Each one presented a new problem, hence I found it difficult to keep motivated to finish the course due to this frustrating dynamic.

By Ramsey A

Oct 27, 2022

The first three weeks are good, but weeks four and five are a mess. Overall, the sluggish IBM virtual cloud and the misleading instruction images caused me to reconsider the quality of the IBM courses. This was not my first time taking IBM courses. I had a similar experience with the first five courses of the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.