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Course 2: Understanding Risk Management Options and the Use of Access Controls to Protect Assets In this course, we will focus on understanding risk management options and the use of access controls to protect assets. We will start by examining the basic steps that must be in place to develop a security culture within the organization and impacting policies. We will also look into how to write and use them to enforce security requirements. Then we will move on to the actual business of controlling how our systems, services, resources, and data can be accessed safely by authorized persons. We will also cover access control models like MAC, DAC, RBAC, and conclude the chapter with an examination of both LAN and WAN identity management. Course 2 Learning Objectives After completing this course, the participant will be able to:  L2.1 - Provide examples of the types of functional security controls and policies for identified scenarios.  L2.2 - Classify various access control models.  L2.3 - Identify components of identity management lifecycle.  L2.4 - Recognize access control and authentication methods. Course Agenda Module 1: Document, Implement, and Maintain Functional Security Controls (Domain 1 - Security Operations and Administration) Module 2: Access Controls Models (Domain 1 - Security Operations and Administration, Domain 2 - Access Controls) Module 3: Identity Management Lifecycle (Domain 2 - Access Controls) Module 4: Implement and Maintain Authentication Methods (Domain 2 - Access Controls, Domain 6 - Network and Communication Security) Who Should Take This Course: Beginners Experience Required: No prior experience required...

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By Saeeda K

Jul 8, 2023

I am thrilled to share my experience this course has been an exceptional journey & has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am impressed by the course structure and organization. The course materials were top-notch & the video lectures were engaging and filled with real life examples making the learning experience more informative and practical. The instructor's expertise and passion for the subject matter were evident throughout the course. Their ability to break down complex topics and explain them in a relatable manner were commendable, I appreciate with respect. My experience was outstanding and it provide a solid foundation in risk management, developed my analytical and problem solving skills and connected me with a vibrant community of learners. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their understandings of use of access controls to protect assets and enhance their professional capabilities.

By suresh S

Jun 1, 2023

Its really a good program that provide in-depth knowledged and understanding of risk management. Thank you Coursera & ISC management.

By Tiago L d O

Sep 30, 2022

Curso completo, mas aparece não concluído fica em 99%.

By Abdur-rauf u

May 29, 2023

it was helpful, comprehensive and insightful

By Samuel O E

Nov 17, 2022

Very Detailed and Informative

By Jesús A P R

Jan 11, 2024

muy bien explicado

By Takahide M

Oct 3, 2022

very happy.

By Nura J

Oct 31, 2022


By raza s

May 24, 2023


By Andre v R

Jun 14, 2024

Great course - and learning experience

By Victor M H H

Nov 1, 2023


By Lucas V T

Dec 28, 2023

The course is good in general. However, there are a few points that this course (and perhaps the whole SSCP specialization) could improve: 1) adding a 'Summary' at the end of each module; 2) adding more notes after each video for a summary; and 3) revisiting the quizzes and assignments (I found that the assignment in Week 3 is a bit off compared to what have been discussed in the lectures / videos and/or previous quizzes; perhaps adding more details and solutions could be helpful). I believe the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) specialization from ISC2 does better in terms of linking lectures, videos, quizzes, and assignments together; as well as putting materials after each video as a recap. After the course, I believe students can revisit quickly and even take the CC exam. However, it is not the case for SSCP specialization at the moment. But anyway, good course!