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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Word Forms and Simple Present Tense by University of California, Irvine

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About the Course

In this course, “Word Forms and Simple Present Tense,” you will learn about different word forms, like nouns, proper nouns, plural forms and singular forms. You will learn when to use the articles “a” and “an.” You will also learn about the BE verb in English, how to form it and when to use it. Then you will learn how to form other verbs in the simple present, including some spelling rules, and how to make negative forms....

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Oct 16, 2021

This course is so much easy. Anyone from other language who have a little bit knowledge of English, can easily complete this course. Matter of fact, all the examples are really understandable.


Oct 28, 2023

I would like to express my gratitude to all my teachers and Coursera for providing such an excellent learning platform. The course has proven to be effective in enhancing fundamental skills.

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By Ayesha A

Nov 6, 2021

I'm very thankfull that all of you accept me as a student of this university. This course help me to how to speak English in daily life.

By Patrick A

Sep 8, 2022

I am not a native speaker but English is the predominant business languange where I am from. The course really helped in refereshing my memories about the basics.

By Justine B

Oct 20, 2021

I just wanted to review this information to make sure I understood the basics. Thank you. It was a helpful review.

By Deleted A

Mar 24, 2022

The course is detailed and explains part by part, the didactics and the teacher are excellent. For those who don't know where to start, it's a good way, I recommend it to everyone.

By Pame

Aug 17, 2021

I like it very much. I'm looking forward to the next course

By Rahul

Jul 31, 2021

This course and specialization is too expensive for Asian countries.

By Jhon J A H

Aug 16, 2021

This a great course, easy to understand, teachers use many example to clarify the topics and additional has practical examples. I Highly recommend this course.

By Md. M H

Oct 17, 2021

This course is so much easy. Anyone from other language who have a little bit knowledge of English, can easily complete this course. Matter of fact, all the examples are really understandable.

By Iryna S

Apr 26, 2022

This course is quite easy but it gives system view on the subject. All learning materials are well structured and well done.

By Jaspinder S

Jul 24, 2021

Very Good Course For Those who Don't Have Much knowledge of Grammar. However, There Is A Need To Add More Content In This Course.

By Pablo N S

Jun 28, 2023

Es un curso corto que te tomará solo 6 horas realizarlo, pero les aseguro que vale la pena cada minuto invertido. Este curso cuenta con una interacción fantástica y los ejercicios son sencillos y prácticos. Es perfecto tanto para aquellos que desean repasar para un examen como para aquellos que necesitan reforzar aspectos olvidados de gramática. Personalmente, encontré este curso muy útil y efectivo. La forma en que está estructurado facilita el aprendizaje y la asimilación de los conceptos. No puedo dejar de recomendarlo a todos aquellos que busquen mejorar su dominio de la gramática. No importa si eres principiante o tienes un nivel intermedio, este curso se adapta a tus necesidades. Te garantizo que te sentirás más seguro y confiado en tu conocimiento gramatical después de completarlo. No pierdan la oportunidad de aprovechar este curso, ¡se los recomiendo de todo corazón! ¡No se arrepentirán!. Hay chistes en los vídeos. Me gusto.

By Rifki R H

Aug 23, 2021

This course has helped me a lot in bringing back the memories when I studied English for the first time and I would say it was a great experience to begin with! To many more courses to go and thank you for the amazing efforts and subjects prepared by both Ms. Rachel Fernandez and Ms. Karen Vallejo. You all are great instructors and I look forward to more of the similar opportunities in the future!

By Magali M

Aug 9, 2022

El curso me ayudó bastante a expandir mis conocimientos y conocer más acerca del idioma, a través de videos tan interesantes con ejercicios bastante acertados.

By Abd a s

Mar 16, 2022

i liked this course so much, and i'm so excited to complete the other courses to learn more and more about english grammar, especially basics

By Héctor T C

Dec 29, 2021

This course is a good start for very begginers. You will learn how to use simple present statements in a easy and simple way.

By naga f

Sep 9, 2021

I had fun re-learning Word Forms and Simple Present Tense. I like the repetitive reminders of the grammar rules.

By Annisa A

Sep 13, 2021

The course helps to improve my grammar thank you so much

By Renz M R

Jan 18, 2022

Very Good Course. Thank you UCI and Coursera


Jul 6, 2021

Very good course!!! Thank you very much!!!

By Leidy J C R

Jul 16, 2021

It is a good cours, it is very clear

By Tai N

Jul 28, 2022

I have leaned english since 2000. I'm alway bored with english grammar because my country is not good training. Now, I join this course to review my basic understanding after over 10 years. It realy good to correct me. And guide us know how and when use. Also using common work. So I don't it less than week to review. I could recommend that coursera for VN student or high school if you have a few experience with english and need to improve. One thing need to improve qaulity videos: Some vidoes have voice and text not at the same time.

By MD. O A

Feb 7, 2024

I recently completed the 'Word Forms and Simple Present Tense' course, and it was truly a 5-star experience! Under our exceptional teacher's guidance, I gained a solid understanding of English grammar. The lessons were well-structured, making complex concepts easy to grasp. Practical exercises helped me apply what I learned, and the teacher's expertise made the journey enjoyable. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their grammar skills. Thank you to the amazing teacher for an exceptional learning experience!

By Musaab A

Oct 15, 2021

Great course to start building English grammar, the instructors are extremely great, they explain everything in different ways and show us all the possible ways to use correct Word Forms and Simple Present Tense. If you're thinking about taking your grammar to the next level and learning something trendy, I would really recommend this course. Finally, I would like to thank the instructors for this amazing course, I wish you all the best.

By José G C L

Apr 16, 2023

I found the course a very good introduction to English grammar and the uses of the verb be in the construction of sentences, to ask questions and answer them, the uses of do/does, in addition to asking questions when the verb be is not used, What I don't understand is why I have an 85% rating :(

By santosh k

Feb 1, 2023

This course is awesome for beginners. But I feel, if authors can provide a printed book to review the lessons quickly in future, instead of coming back to these lessons helps a lot.

Yes, the other way is to take notes, I agree. But having a booklet from author always helps in my view.