What Jobs Are in Demand in Florida in 2024?

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New job opportunities are emerging as Florida’s population continues to grow, with new residents moving to the state. Find out if you have skills that are in demand in Florida’s workforce, and learn more about where you can work with your skills.

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If you’re searching for an in-demand job, Florida’s job opening rate was higher than the national rate for several months in 2024. Florida's employment sector stood out with large figures in the January 2024 economic scene, providing insight into the state's robust job market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) most recent report indicates that Florida had 518,000 job opportunities, which is a crucial sign of the state's economy [1]. Regional Commissioner Victoria G. Lee emphasized Florida's consistent job opening rate, which stayed at 5.0 percent from the previous month and was consistent with the 5.3 percent national trend. These seasonally adjusted data provide a meaningful understanding of the employment dynamics in Florida and how they relate to the national trend.

In this article, you’ll learn more about ten in-demand jobs in Florida, the median annual salary and job growth for each position, and the education requirements.

Jobs in demand in Florida

Florida’s growth could mean more opportunities in positions that fit your skills or industries where you want to work. Check out some of these top jobs in demand in Florida to see if one of them could work for you.

1. Electrician

Median annual US salary: $60,240 [2]

Job outlook: 6 percent (Faster than average) [2]

Requirements: Apprenticeship or technical school; requires licensure to work in the state

Electricians handle all aspects of working with equipment used for electrical power and communications, including installation, maintenance, and repair. You can be responsible for installing the wiring and control for electrical equipment, identifying electrical problems and fixing issues, or making sure you follow building regulations for installing wiring.

According to the US Census Bureau, Florida saw more than 211,000 home-building permits issued in 2022, putting it second to Texas [3]. Electricians who understand residential construction are in demand, particularly as the market for new homes grows, while Florida faces a shortage of skilled laborers who work in home construction.

2. Physician assistant

Median annual US salary: $126,010 [4]

Job outlook: 27 percent (Much faster than average) [4]

Requirements: A master’s degree and state-issued physician assistant licensure

As a physician assistant, you will help treat patients while working under the supervision of physicians. You may examine patients, review diagnostic tests, track a patient’s progress, or prescribe medication.

An estimated 21.6 percent of Florida’s residents are over the age of 65 compared to 17.3 percent of all US residents over that age, based on US Census Bureau data [5]. An aging population in the state can increase the demand for medical positions as older residents deal with more medical issues.

3. Software developer

Median annual US salary: $124,200 [6]

Job outlook: 25 percent (Much faster than average) [6]

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area of study

Software developers design and develop software to meet the needs of a particular application or customer. As a software developer, you can design an application, plan how to make pieces of a system work together and document the application’s processes.

As technology continues to spread into the business world, more and more software developer positions will become available in the job market. The growing number of positions in this industry could mean you have plenty of opportunities to work as a software developer if you are looking for a job within this field in Florida.

4. Truck driver

Median annual US salary: $49,920 [7]

Job outlook: 4 percent (As fast as average) [7]

Requirements: High school diploma and professional driving school. You also need a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

As a truck driver, you will transport goods from place to place for your clients. You may have to secure cargo and inspect trailers, transport goods, report transportation issues with products, and follow all traffic laws.

Florida continues to see residents relocating to the state from other states, and moving trucks need drivers to get new residents and their belongings to where they’ve decided to settle. In fact, 56.9 percent of moves by United Van Lines in 2023 were for residents moving into the state compared to 43.1 percent moving out of the state [8].

5. Financial advisor

Median annual US salary: $95,390 [9]

Job outlook: 13 percent (Much faster than average) [9]

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business, mathematics, or a related field

Financial advisors can help you manage your money based on your future financial goals. As a financial advisor, you may help clients determine which financial services they need, where to invest based on their goals or monitor their financial portfolios.

Older Americans may want financial advisors to help them with retirement plans, including investments, savings, and Social Security benefits. In fact, Florida has the third-highest number of Social Security recipients over the age of 65, according to the Social Security Administration [10].

6. Information security analyst

Median annual US salary: $112,000 [11]

Job outlook: 32 percent (Much faster than average) [11]

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and typically some real-world experience

As an information security analyst, you will probably monitor computer networks for security breaches, research information security trends, develop security standards for companies and organizations, or recommend security changes.

According to the BLS, Florida is home to 10,830 information security analyst positions, making it the fourth-highest state for employment of information security analysts [12].

7. Real estate broker

Median annual US salary: $62,190 [13]

Job outlook: 3 percent (As fast as average) [14]

Requirements: At least a high school diploma; requires licensure to work in Florida

As a real estate broker, you will work for clients to buy, sell, or rent properties. You can choose to work with commercial or residential clients. You’ll likely earn all or most of your income from commissions on the sale or rental of property, so your salary could vary depending on your motivation, the state of the economy, and what properties are on the market.

A real estate broker in Florida can find additional success with the increase in residents moving to the state, so you can factor in population growth when considering a role as a real estate broker.

8. Lawyer

Median annual US salary: $135,740 [15]

Job outlook: 8 percent (Faster than average) [15]

Requirements: A law degree and fulfilling the requirements of the Florida Bar

Lawyers advise clients on legal transactions, and if you pursue this job, your responsibilities can include researching legal issues, presenting facts and findings in a case, or preparing legal documents.

Florida’s older population may need lawyers to prepare legal documents such as wills, powers of attorney, estate planning, or health directives when they retire in the state.

9. Physician

Median annual US salary: $229,300 [16]

Job outlook: 3 percent (Same as average) [16]

Requirements: Medical degree and a state-issued medical license

When working as a physician, you care for patients, treat illnesses and injuries, and handle preventative care. You may perform physical exams, develop treatment plans, prescribe medications, or search for abnormalities in test results.

Florida employs the most physicians, with 23,170 in the state [17]. However, the state is also facing a physician shortage, according to the Florida Medical Association, which could allow you, as a physician, to find numerous opportunities in Florida.

10. Construction manager

Median annual US salary: $101,480 [18]

Job outlook: 5 percent (Faster than average) [18]

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in construction, engineering, business, or a related field

Construction managers supervise projects by planning and coordinating different steps in the construction process. You may be responsible for preparing budgets, coordinating subcontractors, overseeing a project's time frame, and ensuring construction meets legal requirements.

Florida’s construction industry is growing, so the state needs managers to oversee new residential and commercial construction projects throughout the state. Additionally, the state is facing a shortage of skilled construction workers, with the rapid growth of major projects and a workforce that’s 50 percent aged 45 and older [19].

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