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How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation (Template + Tips)

Learn how to get effective recommendation letters to enhance your admission or job application with these tips and a template.
February 17, 2021
A man in a striped shirt sits in front of his laptop writing with a pencil and paper

Project Manager Salary: Your 2021 Guide

Project managers are responsible for planning and executing projects—a critical role in any business. It’s a well-paying career with room to advance into even higher-paying positions.
April 16, 2021
A project manager in an orange shirt sits at a work table with a laptop, tablet, and coffee mug with a blackboard in the background.

Data Analyst vs. Business Analyst: What’s the Difference?

Learn how data analysts and business analysts work with data to drive better business decisions (and find out which might be a better career fit for you).
April 16, 2021
A female business analyst interviews a female employee. Both have their laptops in front of them.

How to Get a Job as a Computer Technician: 10 Tips

Learn how to get started as a computer technician, an in-demand information technology (IT) field.
December 11, 2020
Tattooed male computer technician working at a dual screen workstation

What Is a Data Scientist? Salary, Skills, and How to Become One

A data scientist uses data to understand and explain the phenomena around them, and help organizations make better decisions.
March 30, 2021
Data scientist presents her findings in a meeting

What Can You Do with a Communication Degree: 10 Career Paths

A degree in communications serves as a gateway to careers in numerous industries.
March 30, 2021
A communications degree student walks on campus with her phone and a folder of coursework

12 Project Management Methodologies: Your Guide

Set your project up for success by choosing the right project management methodology.
March 30, 2021
Smiling man in a sweater and glasses standing in front of his desk

Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist: What’s the Difference?

Both data analysts and data scientists work with data, but they do so in different ways.
March 30, 2021
A male data scientist in glasses sits in front of a computer with programming language on the screen.

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Public Health (MPH)?

This graduate degree can be a pathway to many rewarding, in-demand jobs.
March 30, 2021
A younger nurse wearing a face mask, blue scrubs, and stethoscope assists an older women in a yellow sweater

What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

This versatile degree opens up opportunities in numerous career fields.
March 30, 2021
A male college student sits on steps and looks at his tablet. His backpack sits next to him.