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Science, Technology, and Society in China II: History of S&T in Chinese Society

This course is the second in a trilogy of short courses. In this part, we apply some of the concepts we covered in Part I to study the development of science and technology in Chinese society, particularly in light of the influence the Industrial Revolution in the West has had on China’s technological development.


Course at a Glance


About the Course

Having mastered in general terms some of the key concepts used in understanding the relationship between science/technology and society, this course begins to apply those concepts to China, historically and chronologically. Concepts such as path dependency/lock-in effect, technological determinism and others will be used to frame a narrative describing the emergence of science and technology in Chinese society. This narrative will be heavily informed by developments in the West during the Industrial Revolution so that we can understand how that series of events affected the development of science and technology in China. This part of the course will also lay the foundation for Part III.

Recommended Background

It is entirely possible for those who have not taken Part I of the course to take Part II, but that said, there will be a few key concepts and ideas that were introduced in Part I that will inform the content offered in Part II.

Course Format

The class will consist primarily of lecture videos, which will be enriched with learning activities. There will also be short standalone homework assignments that are independent of the video lectures.