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  • Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, Spreadsheets, SQL (Programming Language), Data Visualization, R (Programming Language), Data Cleansing, Business Communication, Business Communications, Data Integrity, Tableau (Business Intelligence Software), Data Quality, Advanced Analytics, Analysis, Analytics, Business Analysis, Data Collection, Data Management, Graphing, Information Privacy, Relational Databases, Statistical Graphics, Statistics, Teamwork, Text Mining, Unstructured Data

  • Skills you'll gain: Cybersecurity, Incident Response, Network Security, Python (Programming Language), Cyber Risk, Incident Management, Linux, Operating Systems, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Management, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Bash (Scripting Language), Authorization (Computing), Cloud Computing, Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), SQL (Programming Language), Authentications, Business Communications, Computer Hardware, Cyber Defense, Cyber Security, Encryption, General Networking, Hardening, Malware Analysis, Malware Protection, Network Switches, Networking Hardware, Penetration Testing, Public Key Infrastructure, Relational Databases, Risk Management Framework, Security Controls, Single Sign-On (SSO), Splunk, Systems Administration, Threat Modeling, User Interface (UI), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Vulnerability Assessments, Vulnerability Management, Wide Area Networks

  • Skills you'll gain: Project Management, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Management, Communications, Business Communication, Collaboration, Agile Methodology, Agile Software Development, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Scrum (Software Development), Planning, Supply Chain, Change Management, Finance, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, Product Management, Project Planning, Quality Management, Risk Management, Budget Management, Business Communications, Communication, Conflict Management, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Human Resource Planning, Influencing Skills, Product Design, Project Schedules, Quality Management Systems, Risk Analysis, Storytelling, Teamwork, User Story, Waterfall Methodology, Writing

  • Skills you'll gain: Python (Programming Language), Data Science, SQL (Programming Language), Machine Learning, Pandas (Python Package), Scikit Learn (Machine Learning Library), Decision Tree Learning, NumPy, Regression Analysis, Application Programming Interface (API), Data Collection, Data Visualization, Databases, Relational Databases, Restful API, Dashboard, Data Analysis, Data Analysis Software, Data Cleansing, Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL), Git (Version Control System), GitHub, PySpark, R (Programming Language)

  • Skills you'll gain: Digital Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Management, Media Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Data Analysis, Email Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, E Commerce, Marketing Strategy and Techniques, Sales, Advertisement, Communications, Marketing Strategies, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Brand Management, Branding, Business Communication, Business Communications, Customer Success Management, Data Visualization, Graphical Tools, Management, Persona Development, Research and Development, Search Engine Marketing, Strategic Thinking, Survey Development, Training and Development, Web Design, Web Development, Web Development Tools, Writing

  • Skills you'll gain: Python (Programming Language), Pandas (Python Package), SQL (Programming Language), Data Visualization, Data Cleansing, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheets, Analysis, Data Analysis, Data Wrangling, Databases, Exploratory Data Analysis, Relational Databases, Advanced Analytics, Analytics, Application Programming Interface (API), Correlation Analysis, Dashboard, Database Software, Graphing, Restful API, Apache Spark, Data Collection, Data Management, Data Mining, Data Quality, Data Science, Data Structures, Data Warehousing, Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL), HTML5, Mathematics, NoSQL, NumPy, R (Programming Language), Statistical Graphics, Statistics, Unstructured Data

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    Skills you'll gain: User Experience (UX), User Experience (UX) Design, User Centered Design, Design Thinking, User Research, Agile Methodology, Figma (Design Software), Graphic and Visual Design, Human Centered Design, Product Design, UI/UX Research, User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design, Value Propositions, Visual Design

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    Skills you'll gain: Systems Administration, Linux, Operating Systems, Network Troubleshooting, Cybersecurity, Technical Support, Network Administration, Computer Networks, Configuration Management, Identity and Access Management, Windows PowerShell, Ruby (Programming Language), Software Installation, TCP/IP, Active Directory, Authorization (Computing), Cyber Security Strategy, Git (Version Control System), IT Management, Information Systems Security, Network Architecture, Network Protocols, Scripting Languages, Version Control, Virtualization, Virtualization and Virtual Machines, Ansible, Apache, Authentications, Automation, Business Communication, Business Communications, Cloud Clients, Cloud Storage, Communication, Communications, Computer Architecture, Computer Hardware, Computer Security, Cryptography, Customer Service, Cyber Security, Dashboard, Debugging, Disaster Recovery, Encryption, Google Cloud, IT Infrastructure, Network Analysis, Process Improvement and Optimization, Security Management, Servers, Service Design, Software as a Service (SaaS), Technical Assistance, Unix, Web Services

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    Skills you'll gain: Machine Learning, Machine Learning Methods, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Regression Analysis, Reinforcement Learning, Scikit Learn (Machine Learning Library), TensorFlow, Decision Tree Learning, Anomaly Detection, Feature Engineering, Random Forest Algorithm

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    Skills you'll gain: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Python (Programming Language), Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Artificial Neural Networks, Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Restful API, Application Programming Interface (API), ChatGPT, Natural Language Processing (NLP), NumPy, Pandas (Python Package)

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    Skills you'll gain: DevOps, Software Engineering, Python (Programming Language), Cloud Computing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration, Agile Methodology, Application Security, Continuous Delivery, Kubernetes, Security Engineering, Bash (Scripting Language), Microservices, Software Testing, Agile Software Development, Computer Programming, Continuous Monitoring, Application Development, CI/CD, Cloud Engineering, Cloud Native Computing, Containerization, Git (Version Control System), GitHub, Linux, Programming Concepts, Restful API, Software Development, Application Programming Interface (API), Cloud Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, Cloud Technologies, Computing Platforms, Cybersecurity, Data Visualization, Data Visualization Software, Docker (Software), IBM Cloud Computing, Network Security, NumPy, Pandas (Python Package), Sass, Scrum (Software Development), Security Software, Security Testing, Software Architecture, Software Development Life Cycle, Software as a Service (SaaS), Teamwork, Version Control

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    Skills you'll gain: Python (Programming Language), Javascript (Programming Language), Node.JS, Cloud Native Computing, Cloud Computing, Microservices, React.js, Cloud Engineering, Containerization, Django (Web Framework), GitHub, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Application Programming Interface (API), Bootstrap (Front-End Framework), Computer Programming, Front End (Software Engineering), Git (Version Control System), HTML5, IBM Cloud Computing, Javascript and jQuery, Kubernetes, Restful API, SQL (Programming Language), Web Development, Authentications, CI/CD, CSS Codes, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Cloud API, Cloud Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, Cloud Technologies, Computing Platforms, Continuous Delivery, Databases, DevOps, Docker (Software), Full Stack Development, NoSQL, NumPy, Pandas (Python Package), React Redux, Relational Databases, Sass, Software as a Service (SaaS), UI Components, Web Application Development, Web Content, Web Design