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  • Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, SQL, R Programming, Business Communication, Spreadsheet Software, Business Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Management, General Statistics, Big Data, Communication, Computer Programming, Data Science, Data Visualization Software, Databases, Exploratory Data Analysis, Extract, Transform, Load, Leadership and Management, Microsoft Excel, Problem Solving, Small Data, Statistical Programming, Tableau Software

  • Skills you'll gain: Network Security, Python Programming, Linux, Cloud Computing, Algorithms, Audit, Computer Programming, Computer Security Incident Management, Cryptography, Databases, Leadership and Management, Network Architecture, Risk Management, SQL

  • Skills you'll gain: Project Management, Strategy and Operations, Leadership and Management, Communication, Business Communication, Collaboration, Agile Software Development, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Scrum (Software Development), Planning, Supply Chain and Logistics, Change Management, Finance, Organizational Development, Product Management, Risk Management, Budget Management, Influencing, Culture, Emotional Intelligence, People Management, Problem Solving, Procurement

  • Skills you'll gain: Digital Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Management, Media Strategy & Planning, Sales, E-Commerce, Data Analysis, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Communication, Persona Research, Strategy, Web Design, Web Development, Web Development Tools, Writing, Data Management, Market Analysis

  • Skills you'll gain: Python Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Algorithms, Data Management, Data Visualization, Database Design, Human Learning, R Programming, Computational Thinking, Computer Programming, Database Application, Databases, Deep Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms, Plot (Graphics), Professional Development, SQL, Data Model, Statistical Machine Learning, General Statistics, Probability & Statistics, Regression, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, IBM Cloud, Writing

  • Skills you'll gain: Python Programming, Microsoft Excel, Data Visualization, Spreadsheet Software, Data Analysis, Data Management, Data Structures, Databases, Exploratory Data Analysis, SQL, Plot (Graphics), Business Analysis, Database Design, Computational Thinking, Computer Programming, Database Application, Professional Development, Statistical Visualization, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, General Statistics, NoSQL, R Programming, Cloud Computing, Data Visualization Software, IBM Cloud, Interactive Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Probability & Statistics, Regression

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    Skills you'll gain: User Experience, User Experience Design, User Research, Audit, Human Computer Interaction, Planning, Product Design, Product Development, Visual Design, Web Design, Web Development Tools

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    Skills you'll gain: Computer Networking, Network Architecture, Network Model, Networking Hardware, Network Analysis, Computer Architecture, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Human Computer Interaction, Network Security, Linux, System Security, Cloud Computing, Computer Programming, Customer Support, Cryptography, Leadership and Management, Operating Systems

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    Skills you'll gain: Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Applied Machine Learning, Algorithms, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Software, Artificial Neural Networks, Human Learning, Python Programming, Regression, Statistical Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Mathematics, Critical Thinking, Network Model, Reinforcement Learning

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    Skills you'll gain: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, Python Programming, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Human Learning, IBM Cloud, Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Applied Machine Learning, Cloud API, Machine Learning Software, Computer Programming, Application Development, Cloud Applications, Computer Programming Tools, Software Engineering Tools, Visualization (Computer Graphics), Software Engineering, User Experience Design, Communication, Data Analysis, Programming Principles, Software Architecture, Agile Software Development, Web Development, Product Management, Software Testing, Javascript, Data Science

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    Skills you'll gain: DevOps, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Computer Programming, Application Development, Software Architecture, Cloud Applications, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Python Programming, Software Engineering Tools, Software Testing, Agile Software Development, Security Engineering, Cloud Infrastructure, Kubernetes, Programming Principles, Cloud-Based Integration, Microarchitecture, Cloud Platforms, Communication, IBM Cloud, Scrum (Software Development), Software Security, Cloud Storage, Docker (Software), Linux, Product Management, User Experience Design, Collaboration, Leadership and Management, Data Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions

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    Skills you'll gain: Cloud Computing, Cloud Applications, IBM Cloud, Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps, Cloud Platforms, Computer Programming, Javascript, Python Programming, Cloud Management, Web Development, Software Architecture, Application Development, Cloud API, Cloud-Based Integration, Software Engineering, Microarchitecture, Cloud Storage, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Full-Stack Web Development, Software As A Service, Docker (Software), Kubernetes, Software Engineering Tools, Software Testing, Django (Web Framework), NoSQL, SQL, Collaboration, Computer Science, Data Analysis, Front-End Web Development, Leadership and Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, React (web framework)