What Is the salary for a BBA in India?

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Learn more about BBA, one of India’s in-demand degrees, along with details about the benefits of having one and the average BBA salary in India.

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The typical salary for someone with a BBA in India averages ₹14,22,600 and can range from ₹1,18,550 per month to ₹2,11,844 depending on various factors [1]. In addition to earning potential, this versatile degree can lead to various career options, including management, entrepreneurship and more. 

If you're considering getting a BBA, this guide can help you understand the salary boost this degree can provide. It also offers a relatively low-cost option compared to other professional degrees, allowing a wider range of learners to cultivate the necessary knowledge and expertise to enter the business world. 

What is a BBA?

BBA is an undergraduate degree programme for a Bachelor in Business Administration. While some universities and colleges offer it as a three-year programme, others combine it with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) to make it a five-year programme.

In a BBA programme, you will learn about all the different business aspects. That means you’ll learn the people aspect of the business with human resources, the bookkeeping side of the business with accounting, the capital side of the business with banking, some of the legal aspects of how to start and maintain a business, and the supply chain side of the business with logistics.

Though it might seem obvious, business has many different sides and aspects. Entering a BBA programme can help you develop the skills to excel in all facets of business and business administration while preparing to get to work or to continue in a postgraduate degree programme.

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Benefits of having a BBA

BBA programmes offer an opportunity to gain professional management qualifications to help you acquire and earn leadership roles in different business fields. In addition to learning theory and practical skills, a BBA prepares you to join the work world.

It’s a broad programme, so graduates will have skills that translate across different fields. They’ll understand markets and many different industries like banking, logistics, finance, accounting, human resources and many more!

Put yourself in the shoes of an employer. Would you prefer a well-rounded employee who can fill various organisational roles? Would you look for employees who understand the numbers side of finance, the larger business world, and where market trends are leading? 

That’s the type of candidate you will be after successfully earning your BBA. This degree provides a broad, comprehensive knowledge base. You will know the ins and outs of various industries and can step into your chosen role on day one. This makes you a valuable candidate. 

BBA salaries

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a person with a BBA is ₹1,18,550 per month, with annual wages averaging ₹14,22,600 [1]. Various factors may impact your earning power, including the role you pursue, where you work, the industry you work in, and your experience level. 

Salaries of common BBA roles

Getting a BBA may open the door to working in positions with substantial salaries and earning potential. Some of the roles you might consider and the corresponding average salaries include the following: 

  • Human resources executive:  ₹3,75,000 [2]

  • Operations analyst: ₹5,00,000 [3]

  • Business development executive: ₹9,48,000 [4]

  • Financial analyst: ₹6,15,000 [5]

  • Marketing executive: ₹7,32,000 [6]

How location impacts BBA salaries

Where you work can significantly affect how much you can expect to make. For example, marketing executives may earn an average annual salary of ₹4,90,802 in Bengaluru [7], ₹4,57,331 in Pune [8] or ₹4,70,393 in Mumbai [9].

BBA salaries vary by industry

The industry you work in can also dictate your earning power. For example, finance, accounting, IT and human resources are some of the highest-paying industries because they have a lot of capital and demand. The company you work for also makes a difference. As of March 2023, some of the highest-paying companies on Glassdoor included [1]:

  • Amazon: ₹34,000 to ₹36,000 per month

  • Dubai Petroleum: ₹45,000 to ₹50,000 per month

  • AVA Merchandising Solutions: ₹31,000 to ₹33,000 per month

  • Nike: ₹29,000 to ₹31,000 per month

BBA salaries vary according to experience level

The amount of professional experience you bring with you can affect the BBA salary you earn. For example, an entry-level human resources associate makes an average of ₹4,19,500 [10], and a senior human resources manager earns ₹16,70,000 annually [11]. 

How to increase your BBA salary in India

Once you understand the factors that affect salaries, you can be more prepared for what you’ll face in your chosen field. However, you may also increase your earning potential by seeking lucrative specialisations or getting certified in relevant areas. For example, some high-paying specialisations include business administration, computer application, finance, international business and entrepreneurship. Getting certified in relevant technologies may also give you a boost. For example, you might earn data science, business intelligence or project management credentials.

Next steps

Consider starting by making a list of different specialisations that interest you. BBA salaries in India vary widely across industries, providing ample opportunity to choose a path that will be fulfilling and lucrative. Do you like finance or accounting? Would you rather work directly with people in an area like marketing or human resources? Or is technology and computer application exciting to you? 

If you still need help, consider taking an online course to explore potential specialisations. For example, you can learn the basics of digital marketing with the Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Professional Certificate on Coursera. You could also get your BBA online with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offered by the University of London on Coursera.

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