BSc Computer Science Salary Data: 8 Career Options

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Computer science degrees are highly versatile, and graduates can pursue many types of career opportunities following graduation. In this article, we will discuss eight different career options with a BSc in computer science and their average salary.

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The demand for skilled workers with computer science degrees remains high as the tech industry continues to grow and evolve. A Bachelor of Science (BSc) specialising in computer science offers diverse learning opportunities and prepares students for a wide range of careers. Students can expect to participate in classroom and lab-based learning and focus their studies on computer programming, database management, operating systems, multiple programming languages, networks, mathematics, data structures, and more. 

Jobs and salaries for computer science graduates

With a BSc computer science degree, you will likely be able to choose several directions for your career. To start your search, here are eight highly paid positions to consider right out of university. 

*All reported salary data is from Indeed India as of September 2023.

1. Software engineer

Average salary: ₹7,03,026 [1

Software engineers focus on developing new software products, troubleshooting existing products, and maintaining functional software. As a software engineer, you may specialise in operational software engineering, transitional software engineering, or maintenance software engineering. You can also build skills in specific areas depending on your role, such as front-end, back-end, quality assurance, or DevOps. 

2. Web developer

Average salary: ₹2,91,353 [2

As a web developer, you would be responsible for the design and maintenance of websites. Web developers can be split into three categories: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. Front-end developers work on the visual components of a website, such as layout and graphics. Back-end developers work on the structure of websites, writing code to manage to ensure the site operates smoothly. Full-stack developers are responsible for both front-end and back-end components.

3. Data scientist

Average salary: ₹10,16,974 [3

Data scientists gather and clean large data sets and design predictive models to gather insights that allow their employers to make informed decisions. Computer science is a crucial skill in many data science positions. With a degree in computer science, you will likely have developed essential programming skills in popular data science languages like Python and R while covering many data and maths concepts necessary for this field. If you want to transition into data science from computer science, consider rounding your skill set with additional data science skills such as SQL, machine learning, cloud tools, and big data platforms.

4. Database administrator

Average salary: ₹7,22,058 [4

Database administrators design and manage databases specific to their companies' needs. As a database administrator, you play a key role for businesses that rely on accurate, actionable information to drive decision-making. Database administrators must ensure their managed databases are secure to protect private company information. Important computer science-related skills for this position include SQL, data analysis, and Java to build databases.

5. UX designer

Average salary:  ₹7,42,114 [5

UX designers design user-friendly websites, applications, software programs and other technical products that meet consumers' needs. In this position, you would perform research and conduct prototype testing to analyse how people interact with your product and see what improvements or adjustments should be made. This would help you to understand the user experience and make targeted recommendations accurately. 

6. Cybersecurity analyst

Average salary: ₹4,72,970[6

As a cybersecurity analyst, you protect your company’s network and databases from cyber threats and data breaches. You would most likely be hired into industries working with sensitive data for this role. Cybersecurity analysts keep digital information secure by installing security software and testing systems for weaknesses that attackers could exploit. If a security breach does occur, you would investigate the matter and assess the damage to prevent recurring problems.

7. Data analyst

Average salary: ₹5,50,321 [7]

Data analysts are responsible for gathering and analysing large amounts of data. Whether related to customer insights or identifying the ideal price point for a product to maximise profits, data analysts can spot and leverage insights gained from data to support their company in making informed business decisions. Communication and technical skills are valuable for this position as you must clearly explain your findings to stakeholders and management.

8. Mobile app developer

Average salary: ₹6,93,182 [8]

When working as a mobile app developer, you can use your computer science skills in many ways to build mobile applications. You may find opportunities as a mobile app developer to design and create social networking apps, video games, educational tools, or any app you can think of. Experience working with programming languages such as Java and Python will help prepare you for a career as a mobile app developer. Supplementing your coding skills with graphic design abilities is another valuable asset worth adding to your skill set. 

Next steps

Explore the numerous highly-rated computer science courses on Coursera that can help you take the next step in your career. For an introduction to computer science topics, Princeton University's Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose course is a great place to start developing programming skills and learning computer science principles. 

You can earn your BSc Computer Science degree online from the University of London on Coursera if you want degree options. In this programme, you can specialise in one of seven topics: machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, web and mobile development, physical computing and the Internet of Things, game development, virtual reality, or user experience. 

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