Prof. Dr. Béatrice Collin

Associate Professor


Béatrice Collin is Professor of International Strategy and Management at ESCP Europe. She also lectures in Master Programs at the University of Paris II. She was a visiting Faculty member at ILR, Cornell University, from January to July 2007. Her main research concern is about Management Processes in international groups and more precisely about cultural diversity as a competitive advantage for companies going global. Furthermore, the growing diversity of both the business environment and the workplace is a major stake for any company even if small or local. Consequently, managing adequately and subtlety diversity can confer to the firm strong strategic and organizational valuable assets to compete successfully in today’s business environments and to enhance the strategic and organizational effectiveness. Therefore international companies do represent interesting landmarks to study as they have created and experienced innovative and managerial processes along their international development. Béatrice Collin has worked with companies from various industries as Arcelor-Mittal (Steel), L’Oreal (Cosmetics), Credit Agricole (Banking), Carrefour (Retailing) as well as medium-sized companies which have successfully conducted worldwide development in the last decade. For the last years, Béatrice has designed and developed executive education seminars for European companies willing to prepare their future leaders to manage successfully and efficiently in their global and culturally diversified organizations. Béatrice educational background is in Management, Political Sciences and International Economics (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris). In 1989-1990, she was a Ph.D. research fellow at Cornell, jointly at the JGSM and at the Department of Economics and in 1998-1999 a visiting researcher at CUBS City University Business School, London, UK. Béatrice Collin is a member and a reviewer of Academy of Management. In 2003, she was recognized “BPS Division Outstanding Reviewer” and appointed as Session Chairperson at the annual Conference in 2005. She is also a member of EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management) and a founding Member of EURAM (European Academy of Management).

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