Brigitte Paterson

Trainer of Social Pedagogy and case management


Brigitte Paterson holds a Diploma in Social Pedagogy; she is also a certified Case Manager (DGCC), with additional education in dance and movement education. She has worked for many years in the child protection team of a local authority and been involved in setting up a change process aiming to make the care system more resource and life space orientated. Several years of Brigitte’s experience have included outreach work with families, and she’s been responsible for the leadership of various youth welfare organisations. Brigitte now works freelance in the profit and non-profit area with a focus on team development, personal aptitude diagnostics, mentoring, team card, development / assessment centre in a national and international context, as well as in the areas of training and consulting of staff and management teams with a focus on collegiate consulting, resource and social space orientation, work with families in the area of child protection.