Carolyn Dare

Learning Transfer Consultant


For the past 18 months, Carolyn and her colleague, Mike, have been researching personal characteristics that support learning transfer and behavioural change with the goal of identifying specific characteristics that enhance the impact and effectiveness of a person’s learning experiences. The result of their work is the launch of a new app called Becoming An Empowered Achiever, which will give people feedback on their potential personal enablers and barriers in connection with on-the-job training and with general lifelong learning, as well. Working with Francesca Giulia Mereu, Carolyn has also developed a programme on personal energy management (available for download through the App). This programme is based on Francesca Giulia's book Recharging Your Batteries and encourages people to become more mindful of their behaviour and fluctuating energy levels. With practical tools and techniques, the programme outlines how to be at your best more often. For the past 8 years (with 3L, Darya Arivu, LTS Global and TetraLD), Carolyn has partnered with organisations, consultants and training companies to support their work in learning transfer to increase performance and sustain behavioural change in people across organisations. Their work has focused on developing a suite of tools and a process to ensure that a higher percentage of learning is transferred to the job. Their approach supplies talent developers, organizational development specialists, and human resource professionals with hard data (from the online tools) on the behavioural changes that result from learning experiences and allows the determination of a final ROI measurement on the organisation’s people investment. From 2015 through 2017, Carolyn worked with MCE (Management Centre Europe, Brussels) to create and run an event (#MCE55) celebrating their 55 years in learning and development across Europe and the Middle East. Carolyn also has been an accredited coach in change and transformation since early 2010. Prior to focusing more specifically on learning transfer, Carolyn spent over 15 years as a trainer and facilitator running remote team workshops, leadership development centres, assessment centres, change management workshops, and influencing skills programmes for organisations across Europe and the Middle East. These organisations included Alcatel Lucent, Beiersdorf, RWE, Sanofi, BTC, Dexia, EADS, Vodafone, ABN AMRO, Eurocontrol, Egmont, the EIB, EIF, Belgacom, ING, Scottish & Newcastle/Centraal, Pedigree Petfoods, OurWorldGroup, Mannaz, MCE, Duke, IMD and TetraLD. In the academic world, Carolyn facilitated a change management module for Danube University Krems as well as the annual HUMANE Winter School for deans from across Europe. She also worked on EU-funded international projects for three years with the European University Association (EUA) including Leading the University Community and worked on various projects with EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) for 10 years including organising their annual conference, setting up various expert groups including the Corporate University group and running their first elearning expedition. Prior to that she spent 10 years as a Programme Coordinator with MCE organising all of their international conferences and HR/OD training programmes. Carolyn is also a virtual community designer, online facilitator and website/online simulation/assessment tool developer. She has in the past integrated online learning technologies, video conferencing, online simulations, elearning, online coaching/mentoring, forums, knowledge centres into collaborative learning platforms/LMS Systems.