Catherine Jacqueson



Catherine Jacqueson is a Law Professor at the Copenhagen University, Faculty of Law, where she works as a researcher at the Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market (WELMA). She has a French law degree (DEA and DESE) and wrote her PhD thesis in 2003 at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. She has also been employed as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at St John's College, University of Oxford from 2003 to 2007. She is the co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal European Journal of Social Security together with Tim Goedemé from Oxford University, and one of the two Danish experts of the EU network MoveS for free movement and social security. Her work lies at the crossroad between social security, labour law and EU law. Her focus is essentially on the protection of individual rights, the organisation of the welfare state bothin a Danish and comparative setting, free movement within the EU, Union citizenship, the European Court of Justice, the EU’s social dimension and its interaction with the Member States. From 2021 to 2024, she is working on the WorkWel-project on Reshaping Work and Welfare in the digital age, which is financed by the Danish Research Council.