Hongyan 宏岩 ZHANG 张



Dr. ZHANG Hongyan is a lecturer at Emerging Inter-disciplinary Group at School of Software& Microelectronics, Peking University, and is academically responsible for Postgraduate English teaching for both English majors and Non-English majors. He is also International Education Officer, responsible for planning and implementation of International Students’ program. His current research interests include: Intercultural Management & Communication, English for Specific Purposes, and Entrepreneurship in China. He serves as Chief Expert for National English Proficiency Test for IT Professionals (EPTIP), standing committee member of China ESP committee, and among expert committee of China Association of Trade in Services.

Dr. ZHANG holds a Ph.D. in Education, Economy & Management from Peking University, an MBA from HEC Paris, and a B.A. in English for Science and Technology from Harbin Engineering University. He has published 7 best-selling English Vocabulary books, and chief edited two IT English Textbook series. He is also a team lead of a province/ministry level research project. In his 8 years of entrepreneurship experience, he accumulated substantial experience in cooperating with foreign partners, persuading investors, and running election campaigns. He was elected as President of MBA Students’ Association in HEC through a 5 minutes’ English speech in 2002. He has been involved in providing inter-cultural communication consulting services for top executives of state owned enterprises.