After many years at the bench and many more as a bioinformatician, I am now spending most of my professional time managing and coordinating data and computing infrastructure for a major pan-European, IMI funded, project on diabetes research (DIRECT). I do still do research, both on my Stem Cell projects and on new exciting fields in systems biology of regulatory networks. Teaching-wise, I am course coordinator of a post-Masters course (IPR and Value creation in biotechnology). I do also participate in the "BioBusiness and Innovation Platform" (BBIP) Masters programme at the Copenhagen Business School. Specialties: - Biological Networks: Protein-DNA Interactions (Protein Binding Microarrays) integrated with protein-protein interaction data; Protein-Protein and Antibody-Antigen interactions (Protein arrays) - Microarray development and analysis: design of protein-protein and DNA-protein microarray experiments; data analysis methods and pipelines for microarray experiments; - NGS: ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq analysis pipelines; Galaxy and UCSC Genome Browser set-up and administration