Associate Professor Gavin Brown

Director, Faculty of Education Quantitative Data Analysis and Research Unit


Gavin Brown is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Director of the Faculty Quantitative Data Analysis and Research Unit at the University of Auckland. Trained to teach English as a Second Language in Montreal, Canada, he was a secondary school teacher in New Zealand for 10 years. Gavin became a standardised test developer at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, working on standardised assessments for the Assessment Resource Bank and the Essential Skills Assessment systems. From 2000-2005, he was the Senior Project Manager of the Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning standardised test system deployed in New Zealand schools by the Ministry of Education. He has provided advice on assessment in Brazil, Chile, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, has taught courses on assessment in New Zealand and Hong Kong, and is a member of the Technical Oversight Group Assessment at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The third edition of his textbook on educational assessment, co-authored with Dr Earl Irving and Dr Peter Keegan, will be published in 2014.