Sang Mee Han is a professor at the Korean Language Institute, a part of the Institute of Language Research and Education at Yonsei University. Since 1989, she has taught Korean language and culture at Yonsei KLI to overseas Koreans and other international students from all over the world. She obtained her Ph.D. from the Department of Korean Language and Literature at Yonsei University. She has acted as Director of Academic Affairs and Director of Student Affairs for the Korean Language Institute, and as Director of Research Affairs and Director of Academic Affairs for the Institute for Training Korean Language Instructors at the Yonsei University Institute of Language Research and Education. She is the lead author of Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks 1, the main resource book for this lecture, “Learn to Speak Korean 1.” As lead author, she has also written Yonsei Korean 3, Yonsei Korean Reading 4, and the Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks 6 Teachers’ Guidebook, which serve as the main textbooks and teachers’ guidebook at Yonsei KLI. In the field of Education of Korean as a Foreign Language, she has given lectures on subjects including Studies in Korean Textbooks as a Foreign Language and Studies in Teaching Productive Skills of the Korean Language at the Yonsei University Graduate School of Education. The areas of focus for her research are Pragmatic Errors Faced by Korean Language Learners, Korean Cultural Education, Online Education, and other issues in Korean Language Education. She has served as a board member in such leading societies for Korean education as the International Association for Korean Language Education, and the Korean Language and Culture Education Society, and currently acts as a vice president of the Korean Society of Bilingualism.

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