Jon S. Vernick, JD, MPH

Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research


Jon Vernick is a Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Jon Vernick is the primary instructor for courses on issues in Injury and Violence Prevention, and Public Health and the Law. He is also Co-Director of the MPH/JD Program at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Jon Vernick’s research has concentrated on ways in which the law and legal interventions can improve the public's health. He is particularly interested in epidemiological, policy, legal, and ethical issues associated with the prevention of firearm violence and other injuries. His firearm violence prevention work includes evaluations of state gun laws and scholarly analyses of gun policy. He was the primary author of an amicus brief on behalf of public health organizations in District of Columbia v. Heller, which was cited by Justice Breyer. He has published more than 100 scholarly articles and reports on firearms and other public health topics (including motor vehicle safety, tobacco policy, and preparedness). Jon Vernick is committed to translating research findings into policy change, regularly working with legislators, media, courts, and advocates to provide information about effective policies. Jon Vernick earned his BA from Johns Hopkins University, a JD with honors from George Washington University, and an MPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.