Jörg Schlüter

Regional Manager Kompass Rheinland, Director Compass Child and Family Services


Jörg Schlüter holds a degree in Social Pedagogy from the University of Cologne, Germany and a Masters in Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy from the University of Limerick, Ireland. Jörg has worked extensively in the area of child protection and protective services for children and youth in both Germany and Ireland. In 2012, after living in Ireland for 11 years, Jörg set up a voluntary organisation, Compass Child and Family Services, providing services for families and children, based on social pedagogical principles. Jörg moved back to his native Cologne in 2017, developing services under the umbrella of the KJSH, focusing on avoiding or to minimise the use of out-of-home care settings for children and young people. He is currently involved in setting up a charitable organisation in Scotland. Jörg remains a Director of Compass Child and Family Services and is also a trustee for the Social Pedagogy Professional Association in the UK.