Dr. José J. Vázquez-Cognet

Clinical Professor


Dr. Jose J. Vazquez is a Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where teaches three sections of one of the largest Economics courses in the country (925 students). This is in addition to the more than 100,000 people who have registered over the last five years to take his very popular Principles of Microeconomics MOOC in Coursera. Therefore, it is probably safe to say no other instructor have taught Economics to more students! In addition to his role as instructor, Dr. Vazquez is also Director of the Teaching Academy for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. During his tenure at Illinois he has received several teaching awards, including Outstanding Teacher of Freshmen Award. He is also the co-creator of FlipIt Economics, along with Eric Chiang of Florida Atlantic University. FlipIt Econ, published by Macmillan, is a multimedia solution that helps students prepared effectively for class. Dr. Vazquez is a leader in the use and study of technology in higher education; in particular multimedia design. Recently, his research has been in the area of mental attention and student motivation, particularly the role of curiosity as a way to incentivize students. He has published his work in several academic journals and has presented at numerous academic conferences.

Courses - English