Komlan Sangbana

Associate Researcher


Komlan Sangbana is an Associate Researcher at the Platform for International Freshwater Law, Geneva Water Hub (Faculty of Law) and the Environmental Governance and Territorial Development Hub, Institute of Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva. Since January 2017, he has acted as a consultant to the Secretariat of the UNECE Convention for the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes. Between 2010 to 2015, Mr. Sangbana was a Teaching and Research Assistant for the Department of International Law and International Organizations within the Faculty of Law at the University of Geneva. In 2016, he became a Post-doc Researcher at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (University of Geneva). He has also been a visiting scholar to the Faculty of Law of the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom). Mr. Sangbana has also served as a legal expert to several international institutions such as the Green Cross International, Global Water Partnership and Waterlex on projects related to the governance of transboundary basins in Africa. He is often invited to speak at conferences and training programs in Europe and Africa. A member of the African Society for International Law, Mr. Sangbana holds a postgraduate degree in Public Law from the University of Lome (Togo) and a Doctorate in International Law from the University of Geneva (Switzerland).