Prof. Cheung is an assistant professor in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies. He received his M.Phil. and Ph.D. from the Division of Intercultural Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was a visiting scholar of Harvard-Yenching Institute (2009-2010).
His research interests include modern Chinese literature and culture, literary theory, western Marxism, global capitalism, and post-modern culture. His representative paper “The Politics of Time: On the Technologized Visuality and its Instructing Stance in Lu Xun’s essays” was published in Visual Culture: the Reader (Guangxi Normal University Press). He won the “Award for the Best Research Output by Research Postgraduate Students 2004, CUHK” for this paper. Cheung’s research papers have also been published in academic journals such as Chung-Wai Literary Monthly, Router: a journal of cultural studies, Contemporary Writers Review, Forum of Intellectuals and Reviews and Research on Chinese Literature.
研究興趣包括現代中國文學和文化、文學理論、西方馬克思主義、全球資本主義以及後現代文化。代表性論文〈時間的政治:論魯迅雜文中的「技術化觀視」及其「教導姿態」〉,發表於廣西師範大學出版社出版的《視覺文化讀本》。他憑該文獲得了2004 年度香港中文大學研究生最佳研究成績獎。張歷君的論文亦散見於《中外文學》、《文化研究學刊》、《當代作家評論》、《知識份子論叢》和《現代中文學刊》等學術期刊。

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