Postdoctoral researcher and teacher of the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology at the UAB since 2015-2016. She completed her PhD in Population Ecology at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) in 2015. Currently, She is teaching different modules in different BSc (Environmental Biolgoy and Environmental Sciences) and in MSc Terrestrial Ecology at the UAB related to Conservation Biology, Population Dynamics, Environmental Assessment and Geographic Information System (GIS). She has completed the training courses for Training in Higher Education (FDES, in catalan) at the UAB (2017) as well as other training courses for teachers at the UAB. She is accredited to be a lecturer ‘Profesor Ayudante Doctor’ (PAD: 2017‐2344) (ANECA, 2017). She has led a teaching innovation project of the UAB (2017-2018) for the writing improvement at the Environmental Biology BSc. Her research is done at CREAF and her interests are focused on Evolutionary Ecology and in wild fauna monitoring.