Maxime Marmier

PhD in Astrophysics


Maxime Marmier completed his PhD in astrophysics at the Department of Astronomy of the University of Geneva in 2014, under supervision of Prof. Udry, with a research on the statistical properties of extrasolar planets discovered with the spectrographs HARPS and CORALIE. The main topic of his thesis was a combined analysis of the data gathered with these two instruments in order to determine the frequency of planetary systems orbiting main sequence stars in the solar neighborhood (50 parsecs) of the southern sky. After his PhD, Maxime Marmier worked as an instrumental scientist at Geneva Observatory until March 2022. He was responsible for the coordination of the observations on the Euler Swiss telescope at La Silla Observatory (Chile). He is currently completing his teacher training and is also active in self-construction when he is not volunteering for the Geneva Observatory.