Maleeha Naseem

Senior Instructor for the Department of Community Health Sciences


Dr Maleeha Naseem is the Senior Instructor for the Department of Community Health Sciences Aga Khan University, Karachi since 2021 till date. A devoted clinician by profession with her PGME training in Emergency Medicine, Aga Khan University, she has formerly served as an instructor at Community Health Sciences-Epidemiology and Biostatistics section in regard to serving her intellect as an MSc in the latter. Her enthusiasm and passion as a researcher in the field of medicine have honoured her to become a Fogarty fellow at Johns Hopkins University Injury and Trauma Research Program (JHUPAK- ICTIRT) and has presented her thesis (Master’s) at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of public health (as a part of the fellowship program at JHU). She is currently involved in pursuing her second Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from NEDUET, Karachi. To seek the amalgamation of technological advancements in the field of medicine, she has an ongoing project on Machine Learning in Trauma Algorithm, with several other projects of versatile discipline accomplished as PI and Co-investigator to her name. As an avid researcher, she has several publications to her name and aims to serve an impeccable record in the field of research in future. The diversity of her research interest includes the domain of Trauma & Emergency, Injuries & disaster, Innovation in EM care and clinical outcomes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare, along with Climate change and Health. She is a passionate mentor and a quick learner with a keen interest to nurture the growth of her undergraduate and postgraduate students as an educationist with a prospective insight for developing courses to impart strong intellect and skills at best.