Rochelle Taylor was a post-doctorate research associate in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (now Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences) at the University of Manchester and a Lecturer in Geology at Edge Hill University. Rochelle completed both her undergraduate Masters (MESci) in Geology and her PhD in structural geology and petrophysics at the University of Manchester. She was awarded the London Petrophysical Society Iain Hillier Grant for her work on cores in the laboratory and the Elspeth Matthews Grant for field geological mapping. Rochelle's research has included linking petrophysical and petrographic analysis of carbonate rocks, measuring fracture properties in two- and three-dimensions, and assessing the effect of fracture orientation and intensity on elastic properties of rocks. She uses photogrammetry techniques to create 3D meshes and applies stereological corrections to the fracture matrix. Rochelle is currently investigating the rock mechanical, geochemical and petrophysical properties of shales through laboratory analyses.