Sarah CHONG has more than 20 years of experience teaching students from different walks of life and with a broad spectrum of learning abilities. Currently, at the Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore, she teaches professional and academic communication courses to computing and environmental studies students. Before joining NUS, Sarah was at the Regional Language Centre, Singapore, where she developed materials for and taught English Communication Skills, Academic Reading and Writing, and IELTS Preparation courses to mainly EFL students ranging from undergraduates to teachers and diplomats and officials from the Asian region. Besides her love for teaching and keen interest in materials development, intercultural communication, and language and social mobility, Sarah is also passionate about languages, music and the arts, as well as sports. She enjoys learning new languages, especially those used in this region, as they help her connect with the people and their respective cultures. In addition, Sarah also likes making music and watching musicals. Playing basketball and going for long walks are among her favourites, too, but her current #1 interest is Zumba. The varied interests are not surprising given her keenness to learn new things, an important element that has kept her excited about her job and life in general.