Shyam Balganesh

Sol Goldman Professor of Law


Shyam Balganesh's scholarship focuses on understanding how intellectual property and innovation policy can benefit from the use of ideas, concepts and structures from different areas of private law. His most recent work examines the institution of coauthorship using the idea of shared intentionality, and argues that copyright law, despite its overall commitment to market-based utilitarianism, recognizes there to be situations where the very process of collaboration can provide creators with an inducement to create. He is also working on a book that explores the origins, development, and uniqueness of Indian private law. While at Yale Law School, he was an Articles & Essays Editor of the Yale Law Journal and a Student Fellow at the Information Society Project (ISP). Prior to that he spent two years as a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford. Recent articles include "Unplanned Coauthorship," Virginia Law Review (forthcoming 2014), "Copyright Infringement Markets," Columbia Law Review (2013), "Gandhi and Copyright Pragmatism," California Law Review (2013), “The Obligatory Structure of Copyright Law: Unbundling the Wrong of Copying,”Harvard Law Review (2012); “The Normativity of Copying in Copyright Law,” Duke Law Journal (2012); and “Quasi Property: Like, But Not Quite Property” University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2012), among others.